Kunle Afolayan Calls Brother, Aremu Stupid For Claiming Late Father, Ade Love Died A Poor Man

kunle afolayan calls aremu stupid

Late Ade Love’s most popular son, Kunle Afolayan has come after his younger brother, Aremu Afolayan over an interview he granted to Sunday Scoop last week on the late icon.

In the controversial interview, Aremu said late Ade Love was very poor in his life time despite his fame.

Kunle Afolayan insists that their father never lived a poor man as he rubbishes Aremu Afolayan’s claims.

Here is what he told Sunday Scoop:

“Do you know Ade Love? Was Ade Love a poor man? That is his (Aremu’s) own opinion as everyone has a mind of their own. I would not say things were rosy, but we were never poor.

If your parents were able to give you quality education and you enjoyed some luxuries that a lot of people didn’t have access to, then you cannot openly say you come from a poor home.”

He stressed that during the lifetime of his late father, he was the biggest filmmaker in Nigeria and he was always busy working on projects. He said, “I am sure I didn’t come from a poor home. Though I cannot speak for anyone, I just think he (Aremu) is stupid.

I didn’t get to see the story. Funnily, some people thought I was the one who granted the interview.”

5 thoughts on “Kunle Afolayan Calls Brother, Aremu Stupid For Claiming Late Father, Ade Love Died A Poor Man

  1. He is not stupid ur are the one making him to look good.
    Ade love was a woman wrapper in his time

    • I believe aremu more than Kunle, we all know your dad died a very poor man because of his love for women

  2. Watch it guys, don’t let it be the beginning of a nasty in-family feud. In Nigeria, majority of us are poor; not necessarily mean you beg for food but, we are devoid of funds to execute most of our needs.

  3. Kunle why washing your dirty clothes outside? Must make make headlines all in the name of tackling your brother? Receive sense!!!

  4. Yes,l agreed with you a man that can provide for his family at any level is not a poor man but not necessarily rich.Point of correction your dad wasn’t the biggest filmmaker,Herbert Ogunde was the biggest filmmaker with his film village at Ososa.Guys from my own point of view both of you are right,using “stupid” to qualify your brother isn’t right.

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