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Pat Nebo Is Dead: Veteran Nollywood Set Director Uncle P’s Cause Of Death Revealed!

pat nebo dead cause of death

Pat Nebo Is Dead: Veteran Nollywood Art Director Uncle P’s Cause Of Death Revealed!

It is with a heavy heart and profound sorrow that we confirm the demise of the legendary production designer and art director, Pat Nebo, a gem in the annals of Nigerian cinema. The respected craftsman, whose work has been celebrated not just in Nigeria but also on the global stage, breathed his last on Thursday, September 14, after a prolonged battle with stroke.

Pat Nebo, a name synonymous with excellence in production design, leaves behind an indelible mark on Nollywood—the Nigerian film industry. Over three decades of dedication to his craft, he has amassed numerous accolades and recognitions, including an African Movie Academy Award (AMAA) in 2017 for his work in Izu Ojukwu’s critical and commercial success, ’76.

Perhaps one of Nebo’s most acclaimed works was his collaboration with iconic filmmaker Kunle Afolayan on the movies ‘Figurine’ and ‘October 1,’ both of which were ground-breaking in their visual storytelling. His keen eye for detail and a knack for recreating periods with unsettling accuracy are skills that made him a beloved figure in the industry.

In a career spanning over 30 illustrious years, Pat Nebo has been the man behind some of the most visually arresting sets in Nigerian cinema. His work was not restricted to the local scene; international attention came calling when ‘The Milkmaid,’ a film he worked on, was shortlisted for an Oscar nomination. The world took notice, but for those who knew him, his brilliance was a fact long established.

His mastery went beyond mere sets; it was about breathing life into stories, making characters more relatable through the environments they interacted with. Nebo’s sets were not just backgrounds; they were alive, pulsating with the same energy as the actors who occupied them. His ability to transport audiences to a different time—be it the colonial era, the civil war years, or the swinging sixties—was uncanny. He could replicate eras with a precision that was almost eerie, making his sets characters in their own right.

It is said that a great artist is not one who gives people what they want but what they never imagined they wanted. Nebo did just that. Before him, the term ‘production design’ was almost non-existent in Nollywood. Today, it’s a field, a vocation, and for many, a calling.

The industry is filled with young talents who were either directly mentored by him or have been influenced by his expansive portfolio. Not just an artist, Nebo was a teacher, willingly passing on his knowledge to those keen to follow in his footsteps. He was not just interested in creating art; he was committed to building an industry.

His work ethic was legendary. Stories abound of him spending sleepless nights poring over sketches, models, and plans. He was a perfectionist who was never satisfied until every color, every prop, every detail was just right. This often meant long hours and endless revisions, but for Nebo, the art was worth the sacrifice.

Nebo was not just an artist but also a historian, using his sets to educate and inform. Through his work, audiences learned about cultural practices, historical events, and social issues. His sets were informative, layered with meaning and depth, each prop telling its own story, each color scheme setting the tone for the unfolding drama.

Away from the glitz and glamour of red-carpet premieres and award shows, Pat Nebo was a family man who shied away from the limelight. He let his work speak for him, and oh, how eloquently it spoke. The film industry has lost not just a veteran but a visionary, an artist whose works will be studied by generations to come.

As the news of his passing continues to send shockwaves through the industry, tributes have started pouring in from all quarters. Actors, directors, producers, and even fans have taken to social media to express their sorrow and share their memories of this incredible man.

In his lifetime, Pat Nebo achieved what many could only dream of. He rose to the pinnacle of his profession, won numerous awards, and earned the respect and admiration of both his peers and audiences alike. But more importantly, he touched lives, he inspired a new generation of artists, and he left the world richer than he found it.

Rest in peace, Pat Nebo. Your legacy is etched in the frames of every film you worked on, in the hearts of everyone you touched, and in the annals of Nigerian and global cinema. You may have bowed out, but your work, your passion, and your spirit will continue to illuminate the world of film for years to come.

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