“Linda Ikeji Blog & NigeriaFilms Are Hub Of Haters” – Basketmouth Condemns Hate Comments

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March 16, 2013 – “Linda Ikeji Blog & NigeriaFilms Are Hub Of Haters” – Comedian Basketmouth Condemns Hate Comments

Talented Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha popularly called Basketmouth is currently not in a good mood.

In this recent interview culled from Bella Naija Saturday March 16, 2013 Celebrity Interview, the ace comedian vexed his anger on recent hateful comments about him on the aforementioned blogs over his support for Dana Air-relaunch.

In the interview, the comedian who called Linda Ikeji and Nigeriafilms blog editors ‘chief haters‘ accused the bloggers of using their site to promote hatred.

Read what he said below.


After the DANA Airways crash, you were one of the celebrities that went on their re-launch flight. This implies to many Nigerians that you endorse the airline even though a lot of people are still grieving their loved ones and this has directed some negative comments towards you.


DANA Airline endorsed me three years ago as their brand face. This was close to two years before the plane crash. If after all they went through, they got back their license and asked me as the brand face of DANA to be part of the re-launch flight and I said I cannot do it, what is loyalty? If I’m going to support anything, it has to be from the beginning to the end. With all due respect to the people who lost their family and friends, a plane crash is inevitable. When Air France crashed, they didn’t sieze their license, Nigerians didn’t stop flying Air France. After DANA crashed, a plane also crashed in Russia. But people just show bitterness. Anybody can be in his or her home and say whatever he or she feels like. I’m not prophesying death but accidents are inevitable and we just have to thank God for the life we have. My deepest heartfelt condolences goes to the families of the departed.

Bella Naija’s Adeola Adeyemo:

Probably these people making such comments have lost their loved ones on that flight and are angry with you for taking sides with DANA.


It’s a lie, trust me. I understand Nigerians, I understand people in general; I read Psychology. There are some people that are naturally bitter and Linda Ikeji has given them an opportunity to express their bitterness. And trust me, there is nothing I would do that you would not see three or four bad comments on. If you hear that a plane wanted to crash and Basketmouth got out of his seat, went to the cockpit, pulled the pilot out and landed the plane like Denzel Washington, people would say why him do am, na only him dey the plane?. But I love the fact that they talk. It makes me know that I’m doing something right.

Bella Naija’s Adeola Adeyemo:

But you can’t narrow down the people that post such comments to readers of Linda’s Blog.


Nigeriafilms and Linda ikeji blog are the hub of haters, the chief haters.

Interview by Bella Naija’s Adeola Adeyemo… Read original interview here

Our Oga at the top make u no vex o

Do you think comedian Basketmouth is being too harsh on the bloggers?

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8 thoughts on ““Linda Ikeji Blog & NigeriaFilms Are Hub Of Haters” – Basketmouth Condemns Hate Comments

  1. if u dont say ur here, ppl wil nt knw i think she want ppl to notices her job o no vex. World of free word n right to say wht ever opinion u have.

  2. Oya oya make u let go of that bitterness brother… make them no hinder u o… na ur boy from the Island.

  3. I think it’s high time bloggers start deleting hateful and abusive comments.
    I appreciate Bella Naija for one thing, they usually rip their posts off overly abusive comments and I think that is the way it should be.
    As a frequent visitor to Linda’s blog I have must admit her comments are very irritating and on the other hands… some blogs like NaijaGists.com never approve my comments… Just though some of them are overly serious on comment approval…
    Linda and Nigeriafilm should please moderate their comments.
    Basketmouth has never talked this way before but this time around he is venting.

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