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Vulnerable Man Killed By Ritualists In Nsukka Enugu State

mad man killed ritualists nsukka enugu

Vulnerable Man Killed By Ritualists In Nsukka Enugu STate

By Chris Oji, Enugu

A mentally challenged man said to be in his early 3os has been killed by some suspected ritualists at Ugwuawrawa area of Nsukka Enugu state.

According to The Nation, the mutilated body of the unidentified victim was found near Alor Uno-Enugu Ezike-Onuiyi Haven T-junction on Tuesday.

It was learnt that the residents had noticed machete cuts on the deceased three days earlier, before his remains were discovered, an indication that his assailants had attempted to kill and decapitate him before escaping the first attack.

His remains were abandoned near a drainage on the roadside before the T-junction.

Eyewitnesses said that the deceased was always seen at the area either scavenging for food or begging for alms, adding that he managed to survive last week’s attack and was still nursing the injuries he sustained due to the deep cuts on his left arm before he was beheaded.

Police sources, who confirmed the incident, said that the old injury was so deep that he always supported the affected arm with his right hand while searching for food.

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