Mad Woman Beat Up Her 9-Month-Old Baby Boy Over Request For Food In Ebonyi

mad woman beats up baby ebonyi state

September 25, 2016 – Mad Woman Beat Up Her 9-Month-Old Baby Over Request For Food In Ebonyi, Innocent Baby Rescued By Eyewitnesses

An innocent baby boy has been rescued from his mentally unstable mother in Ebonyi state.

According to eyewitnesses, the insane woman who put to bed late last year lost her cool today due to her baby’s constant request for food.

The suspected lunatic had eaten all the food given to her by individuals without breastfeeding the baby boy but when he started crying due to hunger, his mother repeatedly slapped him on the cheek, back and butt.

When bystanders couldn’t stand the assault any further, they snatched the baby from her and took him to a Reverend Sister in the area to prevent bodily injuries on him.

The mentally unstable woman was also taken to a hospital in Abakaliki where she is currently undergoing medical treatment.

5 thoughts on “Mad Woman Beat Up Her 9-Month-Old Baby Boy Over Request For Food In Ebonyi

  1. Why couldn’t the authorities have taken the baby away, since they didn’t admit the mother to the hospital for treatment? Thank God the baby escaped with his life. May God heal the woman, amen.

  2. a mother will always be a mother. still breastfeeding her baby even when she is out of sanity. but an insane person will surely behave like one no matter what but all thanks to God the baby was rescued alongside the mother.
    I PRAY she gets better soon so as to get hold of her baby back because no one does it better like the real mum..

    Shootout to all the MOTHERS in the house.. you people are really wonderful (i mean the mothers not child bearers).

    #clueless human

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