Mama Boko Haram Confirms Ties With Terror Sect, Writes The Nigerian Army

mama boko haram

August 15, 2016 – Mama Boko Haram Confirms Link With Terrorist Sect, Writes The Nigerian Army

One of the 3 negotiators declared wanted by the Army yesterday has fired back at the army for refusing to take her suggestion.

The suspect identified as Aisha Alkali Wakil popularly called Mama Boko Haram has responded to the allegation that she is supporting the dreaded Jihadi sect.

Read her full statement below

8 thoughts on “Mama Boko Haram Confirms Ties With Terror Sect, Writes The Nigerian Army

  1. Madam if you are innocent,then report yourself to the nigeria army or to the government so you can be vindicated and stop writing letters.

  2. This is annoying, and a worrisome situation. Aisha terrorist Wakil claimed that she can bring Boko Haram terrorists commanders to the table with Nigerian service chelfs to negotiate peace talk and the release of those northern Nigerians in slavery in the BK den or hideout. This is sad, shameful, and worrisome. For sure, this criminal Boko Haram Aisha Wakil who wrapped herself and face in black mourning cloth is a BK operatives. I have no idea why Jonathan administration and now Buhari administration will negotiate with murderers and the diediest terrorist organization in Nigeria history that have killed innocent Nigerians than anytime in our history after the civil war. Jonathan administration played an ignorant and a losing game with this religion extremists called Aisha Terriorist Wakil, in the end, those girls were never release and thousands more innocent Nigerians were killed by Boko Haram. I have always be of a strong opinion that it is almost impossible for Nigeria to split into various factions, but with the new threat issued by those animals last week that their target is now christians Nigerians, I strongly believe that BK will speed up Nigeria dinstigration into various factions if the Hausa/ Fulani political elites, Northern Islamic Leaders, and the good Northern Muslims do not rise up, expose those animals, and help PMB admistration to finish BK once and forever. Aisha, and those two Ahmed terrorists should be jailed and torture for crimes against innocent people since 2009. Boko Haram will be one of the major reasons that may lead to ultimate end of a nation called Nigeria if they start the killing of the Christian Nigerians. They have destroyed the social and economic activities of the north, however, their next damage will be to split Nigeria into five or six subnations with their religion war/jihad against other Nigerians like me that doesn’t believe in a religious of violence, terrorism, intimidation, intolerance, and destruction. What manner of a fool fight for his or her god?

  3. You wine and dine with the noble and the devil, and you are now trying to wash your hands clean. Traitor I call you.

  4. chai !! my dear country am short of words to say to you but i must say your leaders are disappointing.. (osama and his sect was once the most deadliest sect but just with a phone call he was trailed and everything ended).
    my country leaders negotiate with people that ruin us and still yet ….
    #clueless human

  5. mama boko haram or whatever you are called, have this one thing in mind that at the end of your miserable life GOD WILL JUDGE YOU!!! The blood of the innocent school children killed for no reason whatsoever shall stand against you.

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