Man Arrested For Killing Sister’s Ex-Husband In Abakaliki Ebonyi State

man kills sister ex husband ebonyi

May 30, 2016 – Man Arrested For Beating Sister’s Ex-Husband To Death In Abakaliki Ebonyi State

A man at Nduruku Amegu community in Abakaliki Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Maduabuchi Ede, is now in police custody for allegedly beating his brother-in-law, Kenneth Elom, to death. The late Elom and his wife, Scholastica, had married for over eight years and had four children before their marriage collapsed irretrievably.

Scholastica returned to her parents at a nearby village from where she reportedly started to steal her estranged husband’s yam in the ban and harvesting other crops in his farm which did not go down well with the man.

Elom, in company with his friend, Augustine Nwankwegu, had gone to Scholastica’s parents to complain several times and asked her family to warn her to desist from such act. The family was said to have assured Elom that Scholastica would be called to order.

But the woman allegedly continued to harvest his crops and was also taking away some of his belongings. Nwankwegu told our correspondent that the deceased was returning from a peace meeting called by the in-laws when the incident occurred.

He said:

“We have been complaining to the woman’s family that their daughter has been harvesting Kenneth’s yam and other crops in the farm and carting away his belongings. “The father in-law, after listening to us, fixed a date for the settlement of the matter and urged Kenneth to continue to maintain peace as everything would be resolved amicably.

“As we were driving home, Kenneth pleaded that we see the mother-inlaw to clear his conscience because he had reported her daughter’s misbehaviour. “When we got there, they had locked their door because it was late in the night but with the help of a family member who was outside who knocked, the mother-in-law opened the door.

“Then the son-in-law (Maduabuchi Ede), who heard our greeting when we came in, directed the mother not to attend to us. He ordered us to leave the compound immediately. “He rushed and got a heavy wood while Kenneth turned back to open his vehicle to enable us to escape.

But he was unlucky as Maduabuchi descended on him, hitting him several times with the wood. He (Elom) collapsed.’’

Nwankwegu said the victim was rushed to the hospital but he was in coma for a few days before he gave up the ghost on May 20.


7 thoughts on “Man Arrested For Killing Sister’s Ex-Husband In Abakaliki Ebonyi State

  1. Hmmmmmmn this doesn’t cause for fight at all see what anger has caused. jail is ur home from now fool.

  2. Imagine…just like that…
    Why z d heart of men full of evil and wickedness..
    D man will use his eyes 2 see his back…he must suffer 4 a murder case he committed

  3. I hope the ex wife is happy now? Seeing what she has caused, I hope she will start leaving a happy life now and also seeing her brother in jail. RIP to Elom

  4. This is a senseless death. His brother in-law should pay heavily for this. His ex wife will be tormented for life having in mind that she is the cause of the whole saga. Maduabuchi should be killed as well. This is a pre meditated murder. What will the ex wife tell her children that happened to their father and the cause? Some women have the heart of the devil. She might lie to them but people will tell the children the truth.

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