Man Arrested For Raping Chicken To Death In Zimbabwe

man arrested chicken death zimbabwe

Jan 12, 2013 – Man Arrested For Raping A Chicken To Death In Zimbabwe

A 27-year-old man is facing 15 years in jail after being convicted of sexually abusing a chicken which later died.

The magistrate court found Goliath Nyirenda (27) guilty of the offence and committed him to the High Court for sentencing. He was caught abusing the chicken on November 18 last year.

Mr Tiwilili said the offence was a serious one which carried a maximum sentence of 15 years and fell under the jurisdiction of the High Court.

Nyirenda was convicted of one count of unnatural offence contrary to Section 155b of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC), a charge he denied.

Nyirenda said during trial that on the fateful night around 22:00 hours, he returned from a drinking spree and was later woken up by the owner of the chicken Gift Michelo.

He said Mr Michelo locked him in his house and went to call his neighbours before he was handed over to the police for no reason.

But in his testimony, Mr Michelo testified that on the night of the event around 23:00 hours he was woken up by a chicken which was making noise. He traced the noise to Nyirenda’s house.

When he entered the house, he saw Nyirenda throw the chicken through the window in panic. Mr Michelo picked the chicken and realised that it was his and when he checked it, he noticed that it was soiled behind by Nyirenda. He then called the police who arrested him. [Source: MyZimbabwe]

Lord have mercy! So women don finish for town?

50 thoughts on “Man Arrested For Raping Chicken To Death In Zimbabwe

  1. I think the police, the judge and the owner of the chicken should be taken to the psychiatric for failing to take the madman their.

    • Stop dat, don’t refer what a man does to other men, i hope u have one man close to u he behaves like dat too

  2. stupidity is all over the world oo. How can the police or anyone else believe that this man in question raped a chicken when the person who accused him couldnt even give a clear account of what he thought that he saw? This man is innocent bt i beleive that something must be wrong somewhere.

  3. I dnt realy blame de guy ….jst an Adam’s desire ….. Once someone like him is sexually aroused ….damnnnn he can de anytin … Any any object seems to be a preety lady …so i believe he saw de beauty in de chick …lolx

  4. What if it was actually the landlord who devoured that chicken and decided to lay the allegation upon the boy?…No matter how drunk and sexually aroused a person is, chicken should be the Last thing on his mind…I will advice the court to thoroughly investigate this issue and pass judgment wisely since there was no witness except the landlord…this story seems very false to me, its unbelievable!!!

    • Prince Nkpadobi i sincerely agree wit u, but how do u know dat chicken will b d last tin on such persons mind, precise ladies of nowadays r sleeping wit dogs so anything can happen in any way, so just be praying 2 god 2 help and deliver such people because it is abnormal.

  5. Dis is clear malicious persecution.maybe d landlord has issues wit d accused dats y he decided to use any means to get back at him…

  6. Abeg make una go buy pant and trouser 4 una chiken o bcos oga landlord na d only peoson wee d wake up 4 nite if chiken d make noise. Even d peoaon wee rep chiken no d even no say him rep chiken until morning come nawao. ON GREATFULL LANDLORD.

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