Man Buys Giant Bluefin Tuna Fish For $1.8 Million In Tokyo, Japan

$1.8 million bluefin tuna fish japan

Jan 5, 2013 – Man Buys Giant Bluefin Tuna For $1.8 Million In Tokyo, Japan

A giant bluefin tuna fish has been sold for a record high $1.8 million at 2013’s 1st auction in Japan’s Tsukiji sea food market place today, at least 3 times 2012’s record high.

As reported by AFP, the 222-kilogram tuna  fish, captured in the city of Oma in northern Japan was sold to a winning bidder for 155.4 million yen approximately $1.8 million – said an official at Tokyo seafood market .

Last year, a giant tuna fish sold for only 56.49 million yen.

Kiyoshi Kimura, a businessman, the winning bidder of the above gigantic fish is also the owner of a popular Japanese restaurant and the winner of last year’s bid.

“I planned to exceed my clients’ expectation this year. He said they plan to eat Japan’s best tuna again this year.

“With this great tuna fish, I’m hoping to brighten up Japan again.,” Kimura said.