Man Kills Mother Because She Allegedly Asked Him For S*x

man kills mother sex abeokuta

December 21, 2016 – Man Kills Mother Because She Allegedly Asked Him For Sex

Pictured above is Segun Ogunlusi, a resident of Abeokuta who reportedly stabbed his mother, Abimbola Ogunlusi to death on Tuesday the 13th of December 2016.

On why he committed the evil act, the 33-year-old suspect said he was provoked by his mother’s constant demand for sex.

His words:

13 thoughts on “Man Kills Mother Because She Allegedly Asked Him For S*x

  1. Unbelievable but I doubt if this is true. How in Africa and Nigeria for that matter can a mother ask her own son for sex? I strongly doubt this story. This guy looks like a criminal and the reverse may be the case. Maybe his mother rebuked him for pestering her for sex and he killed her. So many distasteful stories have been coming out from Nigeria about people especially young folks doing abominable things to get themselves free from imagined spirit holding them down from progressing not realizing that their misfortunes stemmed from misrule by our so called leaders.

  2. Wonders shall never end. Could it be his spiritualist told him to have sexual relationship with his mother so he can be rich? Many unanswered questions in his little explanation here. And why we may never know the real truth and the theory behind this dastardly act of evil, Africa will never seize to amaze us. But to believe his one sided story…no way! This world is full of many surprises this days.

    But having said that he has committed murder and that is plain simple. He possess all the elements of the offence and the court of law shall take its course. The society is minus one evil doer anyway.

  3. This mad man should be charged with murder. I really want to believe that the reverse was the case. Maybe for the last time after a constant pestering from son to mom, the mother threating to expose him and he on the other, fearing that she might make good her threat, decided to shut her up by killing her to cover up his evil intention otherwise, why did‘t he report the case to anybody or don‘t they have relatives around?

    @ Maryf, its been long. How do you do and where have you been all these while?

    I take a stroll…

  4. I strongly suspect this is another case where “a voice” inside the mind of this violent man took control and directed his actions.
    Let the man be examined for mental illness.
    It seem killing of parents is trending ! God a beg oo!

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