Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Bail Application Rejected Over Dual Citizenship

mazi nnamdi kanu appeal rejected

May 26, 2016 – Abuja Appeal Court Rejects Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Bail Application Over Dual Citizenship

Abuja court of appeal has upheld the de­cision of a Federal High Court, Abuja, which re­fused Nnamdi Kanu, the acclaimed leader of In­digenous People of Biafra (IPOB), bail.

Kanu is being tried alongside two other pro- Biafra agitators, Benja­min Madubugwu and Da­vid Nwawuisi, on charges of treasonable felony, conspiracy and illegal arms possession.

The applicants had jointly approached the appellate court to chal­lenge the January 29 rul­ing of the court denying them bail.

In his judgment yesterday, Justice Abdul Aboki, alongside two other jus­tices, held that the griev­ous nature of the charges and dual citizenship sta­tus of Kanu influenced the court’s decision.

“We have digested the processes brought before us to decide this matter, and having painstakingly assessed the two extreme submissions by parties, the court is inclined to upholding the decision of the trial court.

“Our decision hinges on the grievous nature of the charges brought against the applicants.

“It is even more chal­lenging to grant Kanu’s prayer in the circum­stance due to his dual citizenship status. As we have seen from the docu­mentary evidence before us, Kanu holds both Nige­rian and British citizen­ship passports, narrow­ing the possibility of his standing justice if granted bail,’’ Aboki said.

Aboki further held that “in the light of the above, the appeal against the January 29 decision of the Federal High Court, Abuja, by the applicants is, hereby, dismissed.’’


11 thoughts on “Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Bail Application Rejected Over Dual Citizenship

  1. It will not be wise for any government to grant bail to an individual with seroius charges ranging from treasonable felony, conspiracy to commit terrorism, and illegal gun possession. Kanu Nnamdi miscalculated and underestimated PMB admistration willingness to deal with his many threats to Naija peace and unity he issued online, on his illegal radio Biafra, and on many social media networks due to his gross foolishness and pure ignorance. Kanu Nnamdi also insulted his Igbo people, our culture, and the entire nation by calling us all animals living in the zoo. When you did not seek out counsel of elders with great wisdom and arrogantly pursuing your evil dream just to make a living, this a tip of what befall such person. Why coming to Nigeria from your base in Britain to instigate one tribe against other to cause unnecessary agitation and tribal conflicts why your family are living peacefully in London? I want to believe that this mannerless, uncultured, and arrogant Kanu will be in maximum prison for a very long time. Hello Brother Kanu, next time, seek out for honest opinion or advice of great Igbos with the right experience, judgment, and sound mind before embarking on a losing venture. Many frustrated Nigerian people have died untimely death because of Kanu’s call for succession in a violence way, and by encouraging violence, hatred, and tribalism. He brought this unnecessary pain on himself without thinking about his children and his wife in Britain. Anyway, there is God oo!

  2. Illegal possession of arms. Everyday they add a new charge in a desperate attempt to nail this man. Was any weapon found on his person when he was arrested?

  3. kanu I don’t think u will ever get bail under buhari regime. except God interven in ur matter

  4. U had d chance to fight for biafra nd establish ur new state/country during jonathan’s regime but u and ur fans never took it so serious as this. it high time to stop. but if kanu nnamdi claimed he has stopped, no body would believed u. for the safety of Nigeria at large, keeping u away from ur fans is d only key to our safety, Nigerians safety. am sorry if u r all offended.

  5. This one is not a good excuse, you people should better release him before Amadioha will start dealing with you all.

  6. This one is not a good excuse, you people should better release him before the God of justice will start dealing with you all.

  7. the greatest mistake buhari made was to arrest mr kanu initially,bcus with d arrest and his detention,pmb have made him living legend which made international influencial people(worldleaders) dat dont suppose to know him is now talking abt him bcus of d continous detention,and he is even more popular and famous dan buhari as a presideent,and he control and command millions people in 76 countries of d world,jst when news of his arrest broke out everywhere was shaking with massive protest especially in diaspora,jst to show nigeria government how powerful he is,lastly with his arrest and detention buhari is drawing his strugle close which is to actualize d soverieghty state of biafra,so if u like u release him or u deten him,but b rest asured dat if it is d will of God dat biafra will come it will come…u cant stop it.

  8. Aboki or whate so ever…
    4rm anoda terror nigeria has started experiencing in niger delta.. It will be of d best interest of everyone and d country nigeria to release nnamdi kanu.
    B4 things get’s out of hand.

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