Beyonce’s Baby Blue Ivy Looks Like Rapper Drake?

baby blue ivy carter drake

Feb 18, 2013  – Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Looks Like Rapper Drake – Theorists

The current word on the streets is that Beyonce‘s baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter is a look-alike of American rapper Drakes.

Conspiracy theorists took to Twitter claiming the impossible.

Do you guys see any resemblance or is it Photoshop work?

20 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Baby Blue Ivy Looks Like Rapper Drake?

  1. People ar really seeing thing the first I saw dis baby I knew there was something behind d baby resemblance I think its drake child,,,,dnt kmw just sayin!!!!

  2. some people need to go to the opticians and buy thick goggles…story should be how the baby being a girl looks too much like the father – JayZ

  3. May be drake must have done sometin behind close doors,i think he needs to answer some question from jay z.

  4. cute baby…….
    u r 2 young 4 all this bull s**t.
    luv u lil angel.
    wish u all I wish my luvly daughter
    who s abt ur age.

  5. Commentators!..why can’t u just ignore this resemblance talk..and get urself busy wt more tangible issues.wot has dis got to do wt other societal matters in the country?.

  6. theres that possibility of havin Blue Ivy Carter lookin alike Drake but not all that probable, if Beyonce don’t trip, then Jay Z got the genes…
    source by : L’Que, Lang Qanta, QB, Q-Baby, Yung Ralph, 91Bo¥

  7. I dnt USAUULY like commenting on issues like this but this i can’t ignore. if the picture is actually photoshop free then i must say this baby is just like cabon copy of dRake. look at the lashes, the mouth and even the shape of head. “haba” that baby doesn’t look like jay Z or even beyonce at all. well, it could just be coincidence. lool.

  8. As I continue to read the comments on the article i feel as though my intelligence began to dwindle….

  9. This is so stupid, Blue Ivy is a great combination of J and Beyonce, I think her resemblance to Drake is just a coincidence, she totally resembles Jay-Z

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