Mercy Aigbe & Her Politician Sugar Daddy, Lagos Oil Billionaire Who Bought Her Mansion

mercy aigbe politician oil billionaire

Mercy Aigbe And Her Politician Sugar Daddy, Lagos-Based Oil Billionaire Who Bought Her Mansion

Can Her Acting Income Buy The N200Million Mansion? Read on

Few days ago, Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday stated that all Nollywood actresses including herself are hustlers except Toyin Aimakhu  and Funke Akindele.

Days after the revelation, Mercy Aigbe was accused of living larger than life on the social media when she claimed that her acting income paid off  her 200 million Lagos mansion.

Well the actress popularly called Osas Omoge Benin might not be 100% truthful with her fans.

According to 2 top Nollywood insiders, the actress has been enjoying the lavish spending of a very popular politician in Lagos who is also an oil billionaire with deep root in the Niger Delta region. He is an Ijaw man but not Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy.

The same guy has been linked with several other socialites in Lagos.

To cut the long story short, one of the fillers who revealed this to over the weekend said Mercy Aigbe only gets N200K per movie appearance and N250,000 if she takes lead role.

So if you do the calculation, her acting income and boutique income alone can’t afford the lavish lifestyle she is living.

The alleged hustler is living the lifestyle familiar to most of her colleagues so it is not new to them.

Her blossoming relationship with the oil billionaire is said to be one of reasons she decided to completely reject reconciliatory move by her broke estranged hubby, Olanrewaju Gentry.

The same billionaire is said to be sponsoring her children education.

True to her words, the actress has all it takes to even build a shopping complex as she said on her Instagram page.

Now we understand what Nkechi Blessing meant by the statement “Na we know how we dey do am”.

It is only a gullible person that will believe Mercy Aigbe’s acting income alone can buy the above house.

This brings us to the case of Linda Ikeji who claimed that her blogging income bought her 450 Million Naira Banana Island mansion until her sponsor, serial baby daddy Jeremi Sholaye secret came open.

Come to think of it why do some Nigerians live fake lives… Of what gain is it.

Do they think most Nigerians are dumb or what.

It is so sad that some people no longer value integrity.

11 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe & Her Politician Sugar Daddy, Lagos Oil Billionaire Who Bought Her Mansion

  1. Let her continue telling lies. She travels business class sometimes twice a month, has a daughter in a university in Canada, has Boutiques and make up lines, bought that massive house,and claimed all came from acting and the supposedly almighty Boutique. Even oil companies workers still finds it hard to send their children to schl abroad or live mercy’s kind of lavish lifestyle. She knows she is lying. Ashawo! The money waited for her to leave her husband’s house abi? The best actor of the universe!

  2. U guys should stop jealous. Pray God for mercy. When mercy of God spoke whatever you. So will flourish don’t be enemi of progress. We are all sinner. But mercy of God above it all.

  3. It becomes more apalling when you flaunt a fake life on social media when in fact you should keep your lies private. Modernity is making this present generation take stupidity too far. If this Mercy Aigbe’s story is true, then she has only suceeded in vindicating her ex-husband

  4. Her only mistake is flaunting her wealth, she should be living a quiet live knowing she has skeleton in her cupboard

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