Mide Martins Admits She’s Bleaching Skin, Says Husband Afeez Owo Is Late Mother’s Manager


mide martins bleaching

May 20, 2015 – Mide Martins Admits She’s Bleaching Skin, Says Husband Afeez Owoh Is Late Mother’s Manager

See excerpt from recent interview with Nollywood actress Mide Martins.

Why I Married Afeez Owo

It is a normal thing for one to develop affection and feelings for someone who is always there for you… especially the person that was really of help when no one was there. My husband was the only person that was there for me during this period and that’s one of the reasons I fell for him.

mide martins husband

And then I love him actually. He was my mum’s manager before she died but before she died we were best of friends and that’s where the feelings started from. So after she died we became even closer, go out together, work together on some of the movie scripts mummy left behind and from there, things started going and thank God this is our 12th year together.

Mide Martins Says She’s Bleaching Her Skin To Look More Attractive

It is not a crime to me, it is not a crime to change your skin color. One thing I believe is that when you are fairer it brings out more beauty in you, so there is nothing wrong in lightning your skin a lil’ bit, just don’t overdo it.

There is no offence in it after all it is not a legal offence….yes, there is this belief that Black is beautiful but it doesn’t fit some people. It is the truth, black doesn’t fit everybody but when you are fairer you become more beautiful and that is why I am prettier now.

And in this our industry, that’s what sells the most. It is not as if you have to fair skinned to be in Nollywood but that is how I view it for myself. It is a personal decision so I lightened up a bit to become more beautiful and attractive and fit into major roles…and I don’t think I have overdone it, it’s just normal.

So Mide Martins has joined other celebrities who dislike their skin colour..Hmmm na waooo.

Black is still the most beautiful skin colour in the world.