Mosun Filani Reveals Real Age… Confusion As Actress Marks 50th Birthday

mosun filani real age

Popular Nollywood actress Mosunmola Filani Adeoye is a year older today.

The beautiful actress got tongues wagging when she claimed to turn 50 today.

Her claim is not different from most female celebrities celebrating controversial 40th birthday on Instagram.

Mosun Filani seems to have joined the league of ‘age-hypers’ in Nollywood.

Here are some photos the beautiful mother of 2 shared to mark her controversial “50th birthday”.

mosun filani 50th birthday

14 thoughts on “Mosun Filani Reveals Real Age… Confusion As Actress Marks 50th Birthday

    • Barrel-like body that most mothers and grandmothers have because of pregnancy,child rearing and stress. Do we still want to use ‘barrel’ for that body/ temple of honour and motherhood? If so,’barrel’ it is then. But that table you are shaking????

  1. So no more 40th again Na 50th remain this is too much now sister hunnnnn big you are fat and put more weight so that means you are old ok agreed but to make us understand more can you present your date of birth kin se agbelero o the original one but if you can’t provide it then a o pade leti odo…….

  2. 50 years for someone born in the year 1985?
    OMG! Why does she have to lie over her age?!!! I remember she was one of the smallest in class then in terms of age but she had that big body. I am even four years older than her and I am just 37 years.

  3. it a pity that, our friend Mosun Filani, could lie of her age, imagine baby of the class in Osiele. Why adding to your age? what do you want to gain from it? is it pride or ….. age might be a number but becareful. We all know you vividly you are between 1984 and 87. You are not 35 not to talk of 40. Don’t be a bloody lier. Is it because you are fat please don’t be deceive with your fatness.

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