Mother Of One Of The Nigerian Soldiers Killed By Boko Haram Decries Neglect By FG


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June 8, 2014 – Mother Of One Of The Nigerian Soldiers Killed By Boko Haram Decries Neglect By FG

A 55-year-old woman who lost his son, David Usman to Boko Haram recently spoke at length in an interview with PUNCH, Mrs Sarai Usman decried abandonment by the Nigerian Federal Government after the death of her son.

Interview excerpt:

What was your son’s name? His name was Lance Corporal David Usman.

When did he die? He died on May 18, 2013 at the Nigerian- Chad border. He was killed by the Boko-Haram sect.

Tell us a bit about your son.

He was just 37 years old when he was killed. He left behind a wife and two children. The first child is three years old and the second is six months. His wife was just two months pregnant when he died. He never got to see his son’s face before Boko Haram killed him.

My son was good, humble and loving. He loved children too. He was my backbone, never a time was I stranded without money when he was alive. But now, I don’t have enough money to take care of myself and his family is barely managing to eat. His children aren’t in school because his wife is a petty trader, she can’t afford it.

How did you learn of your son’s death?

His wife came to tell me. I was devastated when I heard, I fell on the ground wailing. I didn’t want to believe my son was gone at first, but when reality dawned on me, I had to come to terms with his death.

What was the last conversation you had with him?

He had called me two weeks to the day of his death, advising me to warn his younger brother not to go out anyhow because of the Boko Haram sect. He said I should prevent him from going to Boko Haram infested zones. He never knew the evil he was trying to protect his brother against would still kill him.

What do you miss about him?

I miss everything about him. He was my sweet child, we were so close. I’m yet to get over his death. I don’t think my life will ever be the same again.

What is your message to the government?

The government should support his family financially, after all he died while protecting his country. His family has been suffering. His salary has not been paid since his death and his family has no sign concerning the payment of his benefits or gratuity, I’ve complained several times but it’s been to no avail. They have no money to sustain themselves. It was his earnest desire to give his children sound education.

[Interview by Motunrayo Joel PunchNG]