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Last Interview Of Nigerian Actress Who Died In Akobo Ibadan Today Friday June 1st 2018

motunrayo adeoye burial

Veteran Nollywood actress Alhaja Motunrayo Adeoye who passed away at her home in Akobo Ojurin area of Ibadan today retired in 2010 before going into full time acting.

See excerpts of her last interview with City People Reporter Gbolahan Adetayo.

We’ve not been hearing much about you lately, what is the problem?

There is nothing much or special about me lately, if I am invited to movie locations, I still go. A weekly TV series that showcase me more has been stopped. This is because the TV station running it stopped paying the producer. Don’t forget that going to movie locations isn’t every day; it is the released ones you will be fortunate to see. So, I have been working endlessly in the recent time, just that they are yet to be released. I just finished shooting before coming here today.

After you starred in Kunle Afod’s movie, “Igbekun” nothing much is being heard from your stable. Why?

After Igbekun, I have done a lot. I did one with Ogogo and others are gradually coming out now.

There was a time you were ill, what was the sickness all about?

Yes you are right. It was ulcer and it all started when I was still in service at BCOS, Ibadan. Sometimes when I am working, I may not eat till late at night and I had no idea that this was dangerous to my body. In the process, I developed ulcer but thank God for HIS mercy on me. I have gotten over it.

You suffered this ailment for how many years?

That should be 8years. It started before I got my retirement and I got over it last year.

Which service were you rendering in BCOS?

I joined BCOS in 1975 after my education at the Technical College, Osogbo in Osun State. I studied electronics. I had an interview with several TV stations before I was employed at BCOS and I retired in 2010. What I am trying to say is that, I was doing shift for years because I was the head of audio department and I handled the sounds. When I resumed work at 4am, I will close by 12noon and I will not eat until that closing hour, I don’t feel it because the youthful blood was still flowing in my system. I was later told that my breakfast is essential before the ulcer began.

How did you now get into acting?

I stated acting when I was in service; I did it during my leave of weekends. I didn’t allow acting career to affect my daily activities at work. I have been acting since I was in primary 5 because I love it so much. So, I can’t really say someone brought me into it. I love it and I went into it. In fact, I worked mostly for Mainframe and I featured in Aloyaagba, Agogo Ewo and others. If I should attribute that to someone, I will say our former ANTP governor in Oyo State known as Alafin brought me in.

Can you through more light into your educational background?

I attended Ansarudeen Primary School at Agunpopo, Oyo Town, from there to Anglican Secondary School, in the same town before I proceeded to Technical College, Osogbo to study Electronics. Thereafter, I went to Switzerland to further my studies. I spent about 7 months in the country to achieve that in 1979 and we returned in 1980. We went for a course to study how to maintain and use the studio equipment like console and others.

As a female studio engineer, don’t you feel intimidated in the midst of men?

Not at all! I have to tell you that out of 19 of us, who went for the training in Switzerland, I was the only woman among them and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t see any intimidation because I believed that what a man can do a woman can also do better. Nobody disturbed me anyways.

How was your growing up like?

I was born into the royal family of Alafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, Iku Baba Yeye, {Kabiesi ooo…}. He is my uncle and he plays his role in my life as a father. Take a look at my tribal marks; you will see that we both wear the same pattern. I grew up in Oyo but by the time I gained admission, I had to leave the town especially when I finished at the Technical College, I came to Lagos and I spent 7 years before I later returned to Ibadan where I got a job.

How did you relate to Alafin?

He is my father’s kid brother. My father died many years ago. He was a prince and he could as well be on that throne if he were to be alive.

What would you say Alafin’s position as a top class king in Yoruba land has done to you as a person?

The question is somehow big for me. He is my father; it is only if I do not ask, he grants whatever favour I ask for. When his brother was alive, if I ask him for anything, he often directs me to Alafin and he will not hesitate to grant my request. I pray for long live to Alafin. He was already on the throne before my dad kicked the bucket. I am always happy that I am from a royal family because it is a big deal to come from Alafin’s family. When I was abroad, the white will be stirring at me because I am aware that they believed that lion gives tribal marks to people in Africa. Someone alerted me that when they stir at me, I should reciprocate, that they will stop doing such which I did. I always laugh when they stir at me because I was much younger and the marks were clearly showing. I am really enjoying my life as a princess.

What is biggest challenge that happened to you in acting that you don’t like talking about?

I always pray against sadness in my life. My saddest moment in acting was when I retired from BCOS, I invested my entitlements into a movie and the job is yet to be out even till date. That was only sad thing I ever experienced in the field.

Why didn’t you release it?

I wouldn’t want us to go into detail because it was an issue between me and a marketer. I don’t want to talk about it.

Are your kids also into acting?

Not at all! None of them is into acting. They didn’t go against it for me to do but none of them picked interest in acting. I never stopped anyone of them from doing it because I love it and it runs in my blood but that doesn’t mean that my children will also toll the same line with me.

How can you describe your challenges in the movie Igbekun?

People are still talking about the film. I am also surprise about the character but I thank God because the movie was shot in Offa and Kunle Afod deliberately looked for me to play the role. I have no idea of how I entered the character but God has a better understanding of it. It is as if I have never featured in any movie before. Many are just talking about the role I played in the film. If this person sees me, he will say Mama Igbekun, the other people will say the same thing but glory be to God. Your role in a movie will definitely announce you to the world.

Which film actually shot you to stardom?

Apart from Aloyagba I will still say Igbekun. Officially, I joined acting so late. I was about to retire when I joined the association of actors. When we shot Agogo Ewo and Thunder Boat, Baba Faleti of a blessed memory insisted that I should take part in them. As at then, I was not a member but when I was about to retire, I fully joined.

What advice would you like to give the upcoming acts in the industry?

I will advise whosoever is destined to be an actor to be patience and remain focus. It is not possible for you to come today and become a star the following day. You will just be useless. Be patience and endeavor to have a good role model in the industry. Don’t run beyond your shadow.

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    June 1, 2018 at 3:20 PM

    Goodnight Alhaja.

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