Muma Gee Is Older Than Me, I Didn’t Marry Her For Money – Prince Eke

muma gee older than prince eke

January 14, 2017 – Prince Eke: Muma Gee Is Older Than Him, I Didn’t Marry Her For Money

Muma Gee Gave Birth To Our Children At Old Age, People Are Just Deceiving Her

At last, Nollywood actor Prince Eke has revealed why his marriage to star singer Muma Gee ended.

In this recent chat with Saturday Beats, Prince Eke alleged that the singer abandoned their children for a show in Abuja while he was out of the country.

muma gee children

The actor who claimed that he married Muma Gee at an old age also debunked the report that he married her because of money and influence.

Here is what the controversial Nollywood actor told SB:

14 thoughts on “Muma Gee Is Older Than Me, I Didn’t Marry Her For Money – Prince Eke

  1. am sorry mr Eke or whatever you are, i can see that you are not MAN at all to be a husband, MARRIAGE ARE FOR MEN NOT BOYS LIKE YOU, you have no point at all. SHUT UP!!!

  2. You already said everything on the newspaper, it’s probably gonna end up on television Bro!

    This is crazy, sounds like Tiwa after speaking like freaking 45 minutes and she goes I don’t want to talk about this! .lol

  3. It’s a pity when a man will open his mouth to talk a woman who decided to go through body changes so as to hive him an offspring.What a shame,and such a dull thinking,you don’t desreve her.

  4. If what he said are truth why blaming him? Can any of you accept such , a mother abandoned her children 4 months 4 a show , and u call her a wife!

  5. What have you not said about your family, shameless man. Did you see muma Gee responding to your claim. Indeed silence is the best answer to……. complete that statement yourself ewu.

  6. Is this now that you knew that she is older than you? You may have married her because of money and otherwise.

  7. You better go back to your love no matter anything because of your children. Remember broken home is not good, it is the children dat will suffer it.

  8. those of you condemning this eke of a guy don’t know what he has been through in his marriage, you that is condemning him now can u take it?

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