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My Husband Doesn’t Want Me To Go To Church Anymore, He Is Angry I Became Born Again, My Marriage Is In Trouble. Please Help

my husband wont let me go to church

By Gold Myne

My name is Peace, and I must confess that right now I’m turn between love for my husband and love for my God.

I have been married for only three years and already I’m scared my marriage might not last except I make some compromises.

I dated Ebere for three years before we finally took the marriage step. Our courtship was beautiful and amazing, well, if you love the things of the world.

But a year after our marriage, I met the Lord and I gave my life to him, I took a conscious decision to forsake all the old ways. The ceaseless parties, the unholy dressing, the alcohol and more.

I got this unexplainable peace immediately I parted ways with those things, but also got a different husband! My husband changed totally, he does not like the new me… The way I dress, the constant church services and my decision not to party with him anymore.

I still dress smartly just not like I used to… He complains that my new faith has even affected our sexual life, according to him, I stopped all the thrills for the conventional. The truth is, I now find some sexual acts unholy and I discussed with him.

He insists he wants the old me. The heavy dresser, the face painter, the unbeliever, the stay at home on Sundays, but I can’t be that old person for old things have passed away.

I keep praying for the salvation of his soul but my marriage is shaking.
How do I keep my faith and my marriage?
Help a sister please…

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  1. Janet Mario

    June 26, 2018 at 2:07 PM

    Dis proves to me that you are in a wrong relationship. a man that will not allow u to go to church or serve in any other religioon of your choice is a control freak. beware of such

  2. iron bar

    June 26, 2018 at 5:42 PM

    you guys started on a roller coaster mood like the saying,birds of the same feather flocks together,probably met in a night club and it blossomed into marrying each other after the knew he wasnt going to adhere to it and would have been done prior to marriage.As a couple,denying him sexual advances or ways he accepts is off the plate unless hedonism is involved but idea on not allowing u to go for sunday service is a red guys needs serious counselling before the relationship hits the rock.

  3. Mon

    June 27, 2018 at 9:19 AM

    …And if i may ask, what does sex position with your husband has to do with being born again? some of you who find pastor more important than your husband always act this way….

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