My Husband is a Stallion in Bed; I Need Your Advise

husband is a stallion in bed

Dec 16, 2011 – My Husband is a Stallion in Bed. I Need Your Advise

Guys, I really need advise from the real people out there that have gone through what I am experiencing right now. I am a happily married woman. I love my husband to distraction and I find him extremely sexy and hot. Plus, my husband is a stallion in bed, always trying different positions and moves… Below are my main questions
1) How do I tell him I really do not like doggy style? It hurts. I fear he might just sulk and not talk to me If I tell him. You know how men are like big babies.
2) How do I tell him I am not always in the mood, I don’t enjoy it when he feels like he is seducing me after I tell him “later”. I usually let him have his way but feel exhausted and weirdly used.
3) Why must he want sex every day? For goodness sake, is it food? Not like I do not enjoy it but I do not enjoy it every day. What is wrong with just cuddling your wife for the night? Or just holding her tight without you know? Sometimes a woman picks a fight with you in the hope that you ll be angry and stay off her for that night. Not my husband, he will still “seduce” me and after still be fighting with me.
Out of curiousity, I wanna know if this is this happening to only me?

If it has happened to you, how have you been able to handle it and resolve the tension? And if you are a man, what is your opinion about these things. Thank you so much. For more relationship / romance articles, click here

26 thoughts on “My Husband is a Stallion in Bed; I Need Your Advise

  1. If ur marage is sti yung let him do any stile he want even if is evry day dats bcos is new but if both of u av gon far den tel him d moment he’s on top of u, dat honey pls let av time 4 play nd time 4 sex nd he wil listn 2 u.

  2. My dear, don’t you fink its better if ur hubby humps u every night instead of going out chasing anyfin in skirt?!? Seriously, fink about it. But all I can say is ‘men as we r, he’ll get tired of it as time goes along’. For all u know, u r also very gud in bed so he neva tires of u. Lol

  3. Do u realise u are a lucky woman, u are here complaining when every other useless husbands out there are jumping from one pant to another, forgeting they have a wife at home. Just hold on to him until he is saturated….

  4. Babe you need to wake up and smell the coffee, your guy is sexmaniac he ain’t gonna get tired of nothing because “sex is his hobby” just as alchohol is the hobby of some men. Obviously, he enjoys having sex with you, a guy like that might not enjoy having sex with other woman outthere talking from experience, If I enjoy making love to a certain woman, I will keepon going back to her. Is either you allow him to keep having his fun or risk the chances of loosing him to other women who are ready to take-on a man like him. This is not limited to some guys alone, we have some women who are “sex freak” once their pussy is itching they’re ready to scratch it with anything that comes their way married or not. My advice to you is to learn how to flow alongside with him. If you don’t like doggie style, before he makes the moves try to remember the style you enjoy most and stay ontop of the game. If sucking his dick would wear him out do it, or if making him to eat you up will do the trick go for it. Remember, your best bet is to flow along and beat him to his game. The options of neglecting or fighting him might ruin your marriage. Typical senerios: a woman that is married or dating a guy in the sex business (acting sex movies)begins nagging him that he loves sex too much, what does she expect from such guy? Same thing goes to a man who marries to a prostitute and begins complaining she loves sex too much, what does he expect from a woman like that? Again, babe this is your cross learn how to carry it unless you’re tired of loving him and be prepared to get out of the marriage. Some women pray daily for such a guy, what you have in your possession is priceless gem be appreciative and thank God for His blessing. Wishing you the best in your marriage. (Need more advise shoot me a mail on

    • Tutu you did not have to say that. See many of us while dating do not look at the entirety of our marriage life before We marry. Apart from behavior compatibility. Status compatibility. We all ignore sexual compatibility. Character, class, looks are different parts of the engine, but sex is the grease that keeps them uptight and moving. A guy with a heavy sex appetite marrying a lady with weak sexual appetite… It won’t work! ў☺ΰ must be compatible sexually, else the stronger one would not get enough of the weaker one and go out to fill his appetite, come back home, tired, weeks, months would go by without sex and what happens, bad home…. Divorce… Backciting… Etc…. We really need to talk to ourself about this issue! Let’s talk

  5. I See nothing wrong wit that babe. Dick is like life whenever its hard you fuck it, so ur husband is livin a life try and adjust to its style. i just dump my babe cos she felt i like sex too much, at times men jst can’t help it, than to exercise. So be wise.

  6. Babe,d truth is dat my fiance is a sex freak so,but I on d other side isnt dat crazy.All I do is allow him rock me steady,rather dan standin d risk of lettin him out.My presence always sets him up.But all I do is tell him d style I prefer mst nd weneva he tries d one dat hurts I quickly tell him”baby it’s paining me oooo”nd he says sorry lets do dis.@ Times we do oral so ease both of us.So pls learn 2 put up wth ur hubbys’ way.TThnk God u hve such a man dat wants u always nd doesnt get tired of u.

  7. sex is ordained by God, it strengthens the marriage. so that is the strength of the home. stop seeing this is its not. thats the strength of your home.

  8. Why una dey complain! na this same thing wey my wife dey do many times… wale don talk am finish. some have food but can not eat, some can eat but have no food. E get women wey dey pray say make their husband perform but no way, now you get one wey dey perform every day, you dey complain! If no bi for my faith, i know how many times i for don sleep with other women outside when my wife begin do that thing but no bi every man be like me, some men no go fit endure am o.. imagine say you never eat food because your wife no gree make food for you then your secretary come bring better fried rice and chicken, weytin you go do? i beg you, no let your husband feel say you dey incompetent to handle am oh….. hahaha….email me for if you wantto hear more

  9. Dey all ave said it all…. D only thing i think i can say is .. U kant b cooking rice , beans with meat everyday 4 ur husband as a wife. u got to change food. And u cant say u r tired of cooking 4 ur husband at home….
    ..surely e wil get tired vry sooon….
    Bt guy ,

  10. gurl,u nid to pass ur husband dwn 2me….lol…. D guy am abt 2marry has a dick size of an INHALER but has d quality u’ll eva dream of in a man nd i luv sex lyk crazy. So dats ur cross,u gat 2carry it. Before i forget,dnt u nd ur husband discuss ur sex life?

  11. Gal i have bin lafin. Cus God has blessed u wit a luvin man nd d next u do is 2 complain? Cum on b wise so many gals are der lukin 4 such a nice nd hot guy. 4 me abt d doggie style if it hots u, tel him abt it nd tel him it hurts pls dont loose dis guy. 4 more gist.

  12. d truth is dat whtever he wat jst give it 2 him,if u did nt girl,then b ready to block as many girls as on d r like babies, they nid satisfaction n petting,i know its painful n difficult jst do it in other 2 protect ur marriage

  13. baby u are so lucky to hav a man like tat at least he doesnt sex u when u are red. I pray my 2 be husband to be like him. Your husband is every womans dream if u dont kw. So enjoy him dearly.

  14. Ma dear u had nt have sex wit upto 6 dif men and see which 1 is preferable. Evry other ple above duly adviced u wel so go home and kep enjoyn ur hubby!

  15. Eeee babe too much of anything is a disease investigate ur husband very well whether he’s not been taking sexual drugs b/4 coming back home then prepare a sex time table 4 him and reduce him of much sperm producing nutrient enjoy ur marriage.

  16. NA SO, I HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW NO SAY E BE LIKE THAT BEFORE YOU MARRY THE MAN. ABEGI STOP PRETENDING JOO. Hmmmmmmmmmm i help you sign for alter for better for worse. yeye woman. if you like use your hand destroy your marriage na you sabi. make we advice you. u be pikin wey dey suck breast.

  17. I feel u gal. But hey ur husband is into u n luvs u.on a serious note am wondering why d doggy style hurts u,probably u don’t position urself well or ur husbandthrust too hard.u need to leArn to enjoy sex with him even if it means taking Alcohol to meet ut with his stamina.try dis wen next u is doing d doggy style reach down n touch ur cliitoris massage then press down for it to touch his manhood as he is trhusting inside hmmmmm u will enjoy it too.beside u can talk to ur man n tell him or show him wat style u want,bcos men don’t get embarassed on issues that embarass just tell him nicely to change styles (pls. Not to worse styles like papa n mama) to somthin morte crazy but less painfull 4 is an art.n trty to watch adult movies so u can see other with ur ur man should be serious business,do it like u r tryn to win a prize.u r a wife but act like a prostitute in bed.wish u luck.

  18. Babe, u should be grateful for having such a guy as a husband. I wish to have such a guy as a husband. Give it to him any how he wants it or u stand de chance of loosing him for those girls out there. Be wish.

  19. Which country are you from? Please know that this is a blessing. There r some men who cant f**k. You should just adapt to his game.

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