Naomi Oni, London Acid Attack Victim Narrates Ordeal “I Just Wanted To Die” (Video)

naomi oni acid attack london

Feb 7, 2013 – Naomi Oni, London Acid Attack Victim Narrates Ordeal In Video “I Just Wanted To Die”

A Nigerian woman identified as Naomi Oni, a recent victim of acid attack in London has come open in a new video.

In this emotional interview, Naomi Oni was sobbing while narrating her terrible ordeal on the night of her attack.

She said: “Acid attack has made me a stronger person, it has made me realise so much about myself. I have stopped hating her. I just feel sorry for her and I wonder what’s going on in her life to want to make someone else suffer like that.

“But I would like to see her caught, for everybody’s sake.”

Watch the short video clip below.

19 thoughts on “Naomi Oni, London Acid Attack Victim Narrates Ordeal “I Just Wanted To Die” (Video)

  1. plz am sooooo sory for dis terrible incident, am jst praying u will get well soon, GOD will extend his healings to u, as for d person dat did dis to u, dnt worry GOD will punish him/her.

  2. Give yourself to Jesus and trust him for what he is going to do in your life. Believe me you will learn to appreciate him for the rest of your life. He will definately fight for you if only you can find a place in your heart to forgive the person. Roman 12:17-19.

  3. Naomi, we are praying for you speedy recovery…and God’s Special Help foe a good doctor surgeon to make your face back again… Don’t worry God will interviene..

  4. my dear dis is just a tryin time for u n it is main to strenghten ur faith ok, still hold on to God n he will fasten ur healin, n arrest who did dis to repent. Quick recovery

  5. don’t worry dear hence you are alive means God has proven him self in your life this is more than what kills people but you are alive means you have a lot in the future you are healed forever

  6. I wonder how someone in her right mind could do such evil. She must have been a very bitter person and as such, thinks that pouring acid on Naomi Oni’s face will make her a bitter person just like herself. Well, she is dead WRONG because Naomi is even PRETTIER now than she herself can ever be in her life time, thats if she even has one. Naomi, you stated that your present condition has made you strong, I bet it has. Just focus on whatever thing you are doing to better your life, and believe me Naomi, the sky is your limit, ok? I personally do wish you nothing but the VERY BEST. Please, do remain blessed as the GOOD LORD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL. Finally, Naomi remember, you are BEAUTIFUL.

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