P-Square Gets Popcorn Factory?

psquare popcorn picture

Feb 7, 2013 – P-Square Gets Popcorn Factory? (Photo)

After the introduction of Obama Biscuit and End Of Discussion Bread last year, we thought that’s the end.

Another wonder has surfaced and it’s P-Square popcorn.

Na wetin person no go see for this country o.. Wonders never end in Naija.

See wuruwuru marketing tactic.

Below is a disclaimer from P-Square

psquare pop corn

11 thoughts on “P-Square Gets Popcorn Factory?

  1. Pls let us be vry careful on what is happing in nigeria 2day,hope this nt frm the church of satan,bcos they re nw members of them,if u say is a lie go

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