Nasarawa State University Student Protest: Armed Soldiers Killed 4, Injured Others

nasarawa state university student riot

Feb 25, 2013 – Nasarawa State University Student Protest: Armed Soldiers Killed Four, Injured Others During Riots

A violent student protest that took Nasarawa State University in Keffi by storm early this morning has led to the death of four students while several other innocent students were seriously injured.

The students took the street of the campus today to protest lack of water supply on the campus for over two weeks and before they know what was happening armed mobile police officers were ordered to dispatch them.


Sources said the soldiers fired several shots on the students leaving tons of them severely injured. One student was killed while over five others are currently clinging to life in the hospital.

A similar deadly encounter with brutal Nigerian soldiers happened at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ife and Ahmadu Bello University In Zaria in 1979.

Governor Tanko Almakura of Nasarawa state has ordered the immediate closure of the popular university.

14 thoughts on “Nasarawa State University Student Protest: Armed Soldiers Killed 4, Injured Others

  1. Water is d source of life. Water has no enemy. Water is essential to life why did d issue of water brought about death and injury? How can a whole university suffers coz of water?Too bad to hear and take dis. Oga governor, hacken to dia needs and compensate d parents of d deceased coz he died on ur course and order of d men in uniform. Take care of d injured and settle further damages and lost

  2. You don’t know how those people sufer for there admission and now you come killed them, court should warn the Nigerian Army and even punish them. Those students are citizens of Nigeria not enemies of Nigeria! Govnment should do some thing.

  3. Who killed them? POLICE SAID ASK ARMY. ARMY SAID ASK POLICE. Who is a fool? Soldier or Police.STUDENTS of NIGERIAN when u see these Madmen wt GUN run they ar SICK upstairs

  4. Nasarawa state university, please sink atleast 2 boreholes inside the school and atleast 3 for those living off-campus.

    I wish those injured quick recovering.

  5. Well the students shouldnt have blocked the main road to Abuja but even though they did, soldiers are not supposed to be involved. This soldiers are frustrated already so they will just do anything to have relief of not staying with their family and so on

  6. It sound very stupid b4 d ears dat will hear it, imagin student been shoot by police or what ever, in constitution militry cm 2 b 4 d protectn of pple especialy d youth, if i may ask who re dos yoths? is it nt d studens, infact i ve knw body 2 blame dan d governor of dat state who is title as d chife security of dat state.

  7. This issu is so murch bad but my prayer is that student should not cose any thing consestrat on there stud in order 2 maintain peace . God give strong hart 2 bear d los.

  8. De soldiers should hav knwn dat de studnt hau no water, asum dey hav smtin lyk bowhole dey wil nt block de road,any way de coase is 4rm govment had b govment open bowhole 4 de studnt dis insident wil nt nigerians help me please de leaders of nigeria 2 do wat dey surpose 2 do nd nt 2 do wat if a new born baby hears he/she wil lyk 2 talk 2 presedent it’sself.i beg my follow nigeria makeuna hlp me pray 2 de heavenly father 2 make nigeria change OH

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