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new year resolutions ideas 2020

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My 2020 New Year Resolutions & The Silly Mistakes I Made In 2019

new year resolutions 2020 ideas

My New Year Resolutions For 2020 & Silly Mistakes I Made In 2019

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This is another exciting post in our Let’s Chat column.

Please permit me to get a bit personal so as to share my experience with you. May be you will pick one or two things.

2019 is a stressful year for me because I made some silly mistakes that should not have been made.

I involved myself in too many projects that almost terminated my live… I’m not joking guys, it was that bad.

Even though, I didn’t admit it to you, I was hospitalized for stress and had to spend good 6 weeks on admission.

So what caused my stress.

This year, I enrolled in 6 professional courses on Cosmetics Chemistry and Organic Skin Science which was a bit easy to do as a trained Microbiologist who has spent countless of hours in the laboratory.

Even though I learned so much about anti aging skincare formulation, organic skincare science and the rest, I ended the course a partially dead woman.

Infact, I spent day and night formulating, reading, going to the lab and travelling up and down.

To cut the long story short, even though I achieved way too much this year, I also spent a hell lot of money on education which I should have divided into sections.

The problem we August born folks have is that we are too energetic, we like to do so many things at a time which has its downside.

So after I regained my sense after hospitalization, I came to realise that successful people do one thing and do it really well, they don’t put their hands in too many projects.

Do you know jacks of all trades are masters of none? Please don’t be like me next year.

If you really want to do well in life, do one thing and concentrate on it.

Don’t yield to the temptation of doing what everyone is doing, put your energy in what makes you thick.

The one thing I learnt this year is that if you keep putting your hands in so many things, you will end up in frustration.

So friends, if you really want to succeed, do not put your hands in too many projects.

Be a specialist in one thing and put much effort in it.

Come next year, I promise myself not to do any other projects .


  1. Put God first in all my doings. Reignite my passion for the things of God and serve in the Choir department of my church.
  2. Go to bed at least 10pm everyday and wake up early in the morning to observe my quiet time and tap my inner strength from God
  3. Dedicate myself to one project and do it consistently. Even though temptation will come, I will not yield to temptation this year
  4. Take a 2-hour nap everyday. Sleep is good for the soul, to have a long and healthy life, you have to sleep well.
  5. Go for vacation and take time to unwind at least every 3 months
  6. Spend quality time with my children and family.
  7. Help the needy by donating to the less privileged in the society
  8. Give out lot of gifts to friends, fans and family members. I didn’t get time to do this in 2019.
  9. I will not accept self defeating thought patterns. I will consciously dwell on positive and uplifting thoughts.
  10. Read more inspirational articles and books to expand my mind.

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  1. Dr Debby Adeoye

    December 24, 2019 at 10:38 PM

    I really like this site and ng for your openness. You say it as it is.
    I will love to be a family friend if you permit me

  2. oluomo

    December 25, 2019 at 7:08 AM

    NG i love your ways. Pls try and give us more updates

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