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Interesting Facts About People Born In August, Love Life And Personality Traits

august baby personality traits

Facts About Babies Born In August: Love Life, Negative Traits & Personality

August specials are independent. They are bold and strong. They tend to dictate the pace in their life and do not want anyone telling them what to do. They are not afraid and have a very challenging personality.

While some people may not like their no nonsense attitude, others feel lucky to have them. They are unique and obviously different from everybody else. Let’s learn more about these darling August babies.

10 Facts About Babies Born In August

August borns are very special. They are accountable leaders who are bold, independent and extremely consistent. They can be very nice as well as tough. They are stubborn sweethearts. Below are 10 facts about August babies.

They care deeply about those around them

People who are born in August are very caring. While they may sometimes behave unconcerned, they care deeply. August borns have a soft spot for friends and loved ones. They often feel sad when they see people suffer and encounter difficulties.

They tend to see the good in everyone

August borns have are truly special. They tend to see the good in the worst people. This may be to their own detriment but they still persist. They keep believing that cruel individuals may change very soon. They have a tendency to give more chances than others will.

They learn new things easily

August babies are able to learn new things easily. They are able to excel in their academics. They are not dullards as they pick up new lessons fast. As a result of this, it doesn’t take long before they get promoted at work.

They inspire others with their enthusiastic nature

People born in August are very enthusiastic. They are always willing to take on new tasks. They are willing to go to new places. They are excited and will gladly inspire others who may not feel the drive needed to pursue goals in life.

They have independent thoughts

August born people are independent. They have a mind of their own. They do not let others do their thinking for them. They are fond of depending on their intuition to make sound decisions. They think for themselves.

They are highly eccentric

August borns are pretty odd. They may not behave like everyone else would. They will ask like a fish-out-of-water. They will come off as being weird. They are just different. They are sure to stand out with their choices.

They love to make new friends

People who are born in August love to make new friends. They are interesting and are open to meeting  people. They love to add to their friends list. They have no problem with spending time with acquaintances.

They are fearless leaders

People born in August are brave. They do not back down easily. They are known to love challenges. They are fearless leaders who can lead a successful team and bring out the best in everyone. They know how to manage others and this makes them one of the most adorable partners.

They are organized and productive

August borns are organized people. They are orderly at work. They love to stay arranged at all times. They won’t be found being idle. They progress easily in life. They are also very productive. They will do everything possible to deliver.

They are committed and consistent

August born babies are committed. Once they set a goal, they are sure to remain consistent until they attain those heights. They will not quit even though the worst times. They are devoted to their relationships and to their jobs. 

10 Negative Traits Of August Borns

August borns can be very negative. As much as they can be nice and fun, there is usually a thin line between their happiness and provocations. They tend to act proud and nonchalant. These are 10 negative traits of August borns.

They can be egotistic

August born individuals can be full of ego. They sometimes display pride. They believe so much in themselves and may not want to listen to anybody. As much as self-belief is a good thing, they need to understand why they have to reach out to others.

They tend to have little or no self control

People born in August have a tendency to have little or no self control. They may over react in some situations. Sometimes they may become violent when provoked. They need to learn to control their emotions.

They are very revengeful

August born individuals can be very revengeful. They may refuse to forgive and let go. They think of how to pay back anyone who hurt them in the past. Once someone crosses their path, they begin to brainstorm ways to have a revenge.

They are easily irritated

People born in the month of August are easily irritated. They get pissed off easily. They won’t take it easy with people who do things that annoy them. They need to learn to control their anger.

They get jealous easily

August borns can get jealous easily. They will feel envious when others have the things they don’t have. They will feel very jealous if their partner has close relations with the opposite sex. They tend to feel insure sometimes. And this may cause some unusual reactions.

They are short tempered

August born individuals are short tempered. They get easily annoyed even when they do not have to be. They are easily angered. Those around them should take note so as not to be taken by surprise. While they are young, parents should try to teach them to control their temper.

They are stubborn and picky

People born in August can be very stubborn. They won’t listen to others. They may disobey and defile rules. They are disobedient and should be taught to learn to obey the laid down rules. They may pick foods, clothes and other things. They are super selective.

They don’t want to be everybody’s friend

August born people do not want to be everybody’s friend. They can be friendly but that doesn’t mean they want to be your friend. They avoid and stay away from certain people just because they do not like them. August borns set a standard for the kinds of people they move with.

They can be rebellious when restricted

People born in August are pretty rebellious. This is especially when they are restricted. If they are not allowed to have freedom the way they so desire, they begin to act awkward. August borns love freedom and will do anything to get it.

They are quarrelsome

August borns are very quarrelsome. They are known to cause trouble. Due to jealousy and short temperaments, they may start quarrels. They are fond of picking fights. People around them should be wise enough to create a distance when they are acting really weird. 

August Born Love Life: 10 Things To Expect When In A Relationship With An August Born

August born lovers are very lucky for anyone to be with. Anyone who dates an August born would feel very special because they tend to listen to them more than to anyone else. They love with all their heart and they are respectful lovers. Here are 10 things to expect when in a relationship with an August born.

They place relationships above all else

August born lovers place a lot of value on their relationships. They do not joke with their partner and can be very furious if anyone tries to come between them. They hold their partner in high esteem. They respect their partner as well as the relationship.

They are suave and charming

Individuals born in August are very confident. They look very attractive and have an aura of elegance. They are usually intelligent. They know how to look pleasing to the eye. Those who date August borns will be very happy to show them off.

They are romantic and love to be romanced too

August born personalities are very romantic. Once they fall in love, they do everything to make their partner happy and satisfied. They are perfect in romance and know how to display passionate love. They desire a partner who is very open and can show love to them in return.

They are bold and brave

People born in August are really bold. Due to their stubborn nature, they go on to do tasks that are challenging or feared by most. They are really brave and would use this to their advantage when trying to attract a crush.

They are caring and generous

August borns are caring. They would give as much as they can when dating. They dislike to see their partner sad and would do anything to make them feel loved. They are also very helpful to their lovers. August borns often give freely to their partner without expecting anything in return.

They are humble and shy

August birthday people are extremely down-to-earth in relationships. While they may act so nonchalant and indifferent to others, they are so calm with their lovers. When they are in love, they often get shy and may be short of words.

They have an outgoing personality

August borns are friendly and easy to communicate with. They interact well with others. They know how to keep a meaningful conversation going. They have great social skills and can connect with friends very fast. Their lovers would be happy to introduce them to their social circle.

They shy away from casual relationships

People born in August are very scared of casual relationships. They want a partner who loves them fully. They do not want a relationship that may just involve sex or unhealthy romance. They prefer to be with someone who is committed and devoted to them.

They focus on the best qualities of their partner

August borns tend to focus on the good sides of their partner. As long as they are in love, they will continue to ignore the flaws and negative sides of their partner. In relationships, they overlook the faults of their lovers. They accept them just the way they are.

They need their private space

August born lovers can get choked by a clingy partner. They expect to have time to pursue their own lives. They do not want a partner who bothers them every now and then. Their partners should be able to understand and give them the space they need.

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