Newly Married Toyin Aimakhu Talks About Husband: “I Can’t Afford A Big Wedding Bcos My Prince Charming Is Young”

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July 15, 2013 – Newly Married Toyin Aimakhu Talks About Husband: “I Can’t Afford A Big Wedding Bcos My Handsome Man Is Young”

Actress Toyin Aimakhu who married her prince charming, Tinsel actor Adeniyi Johnson in a quiet wedding in Ikoyi, Lagos last Monday has opened up on her financial problem.

The actress replied fans accusing her with the following;

To all the people abusing us ffor the records, myself and my adorable charming world best husband did wat we can afford pls to all my fans stop buying pirated copy so we can have enuff money for party nxt time.. I love u all and pls dnt insult my huge fan cos the LV cake was a gift from a fan which I reali apreciate.tnx to all my fans u guys rock my world.

In response to another viral age-related rumour, Toyin Aimakhu said;

Na wa for pple o, u marry dey say u marry old man, I’m startin my life with a young brilliant,intelligent,handsome charming and adorable man (Mr Niyi Johnson) u r saying he’s aa younger lover, for the records my husband is 3 yrs older dan me n pls wat I nid neo wis prayers to kip dis new home nt negative saying from pple. pls pray for us n wish us wat u wish ursef.. tnx n love u all

The bobo cute no be small.

Congrats to the couple.

30 thoughts on “Newly Married Toyin Aimakhu Talks About Husband: “I Can’t Afford A Big Wedding Bcos My Prince Charming Is Young”

  1. i trust toyin it is not as if toyin dos’nt hv money for elaborated wedding but its her wish may God bless your marriage and i wish u a safe delivery.

    • pls babe don’t mind any1 jst folo ur heart n b prayerful ds tym ard,pls b closer to God d more never get angry or let anytin get @ u,do talk God 1st n let ur watch word b WHAT WILL JESUS DO (WWJD).

    • @Iron Bar, must you criticize her, do you think you can speak better than her or are you above mistake? Pls, be courteous and respect yourself, stop showing off in public as commentary is not by force.

  2. babe it is ur time, welcome to marriage life,
    enjoy it to the fulllnerss
    you shall be a vitirious woman to ur hubby.
    congrate once againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  3. Toyin once again am happy four you, u go for love not for money,if there is love, trust & careering you we achieve everything in the wold,happy marriage life.

  4. go girl it takes a woman of mature mind to stay, love and manage her home. Go on am behind u.

    • Do you know how many guys don fuck you own girl…Infact she don suck lot of dick before you met her..U just open dat ur dirty trap you call mouth dey yawn nonsense..Oga ade grow up

    • y are u so negative mr man? are u also a saint? havent u f**k a lady before?u cant even count the total numbers of ladies u have f**ked….so face ur biz and pray to God cos we are all sinners….wishing Mr and Mrs Johson the best matrimonial beginning,make God your watchward and be prayerful…God bless u

    • Amebo sir Bolex ,we don’t want to know ,its her past, ran tara e,do u know who don do for your wife before?Schewww.

  5. Let them say, those that spent millions on their wedding, where are they now, even if you are older than him it does not matter so far you did not married another woman’s husband , let them say. It’s not about the money you spent on wedding that matters .

  6. Instead of castigating this young couple,cant u guys try to reason and put urself in their shoes?Cngrats toyin babe..go on and rock the movie world with ur handsome prince. .loads of love

  7. @ sir say Bolex; U̶̲̥̅̊ sabid number of pple wey don fuck ur own babe,fiance or wife? Shut da fuck and mind ur business.

  8. @say sir bolex,n so??? Wat happened???? If u r married nw hvnt u fuckd anoda man future wife b4 u settle down????? If u r a single guy,r u nt fuckn anoda person future wife nw????? Abegii make I hear word….abi e huzbnd neva fuck person future wife???abegi,mind ur life

  9. Happy married life to this two couple,but dont listen to any negative opinion.bcos some ppl opinion are dangerous if u give them an opening dey will distort ur lyf and vision.

  10. wish u a sucessful marrital life………dnt mind wat d bad belle people dey talk, he’s older than you and he’s capable enof to be ur husband… may God bless ur home

  11. @bolex,haven’t u f**ked someone’s future wife? Wat de hell is wrong wit some pple? She asked for ur prayers n u re there insulting her.ur wife gan gan don suck D**k tire..oshi oda.

  12. Wish u the best toyin.I really enjoy your Role in movies.Be patient,submissive,forgive and humble to your hubby and ur wedding will last forever

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