Niger Delta Avengers, NDA Militants Bomb NNPC Oil Pipeline Hours After Posting Threat On Twitter

niger delta avengers blow nnpc oil pipeline

May 27, 2016 – Niger Delta Avengers, NDA Militants Bomb NNPC Oil Pipeline Hours After Posting Threat On Twitter

Less than 24 hours after issuing a threat on Twitter, the Niger Delta Avengers militant group has bombed an NNPC Gas and crude pipeline close to Warri in Delta State.

The militants poked fun at the Nigerian FG that their sabotage was successful despite the presence of troops in the area.

The group took to Twitter today with a confirmation tweet:

“At 11:45pm on Thursday @NDAvengers blew up other #NNPC Gas and Crude trunkline close to Warri,”.

NNPC is yet to react to this fresh attack.

17 thoughts on “Niger Delta Avengers, NDA Militants Bomb NNPC Oil Pipeline Hours After Posting Threat On Twitter

  1. Hummm am speechless over this, what is this country turning into? I prayed that God will build Nigeria into oneness.

  2. well done u have done well good children. u guys think u are doing d govt we will all suffer for it hardship continue. useless people

  3. FG should settle d lingering issue in d Niger Delta (Infrastructural Devt.) and stop paying lip service 2 it. Also stop all amnesty payments to d hoodlums who claimed 2 b fighting 4 d well being of d ND ppo yet accepted d amnesty payment and abandoned dia ”course of arm struggle” Amnesty is a fraud. Cos dos who came out 4 d amnesty programme cannot rep d ppo of Niger delta ds’ y dey ar going again NDA cos dey are benefiting from d fraud. Remember [email protected] d Niger Delta region has contributed most to the national treasury yet had received less attention from d various governments as regards 2 human capital development and infrastructure: no job, no roads, no light, no drinkable water etc yet environmental degradation is still remain d order of d day.
    FG should pls treat ds issue holistically and stop bribing some persons cos oda groups will definitely emerge. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  4. these oil pipelines were heavily guarded wit military men,stil militants went and bomb the pipeline,what is dat showin nigerians that military can not stop dis people,still buhari is still speaking military gramma(i will crush them),infact buhari its high time we give u amination to go and crush them urself since u dnt want to dialogue wit them.simple.

  5. Why are we destroying our property? The money they will use in rebuilding this damaged items should have used for something else. We know they are angry but please don’t destroy things again. God will help our nation.

  6. Though evil is evil and can not be supported by any right thinking man, but a government that came on board with bias mind set against a section of the country as if it wants to settle score against some people, such government will find it hard to solve the kind of problem we have in the niger delta today. Thank God it was a northern President who brought a solution and relative peace in that region because of his understanding, broad-mindedness,unbais approach and love of peace. But for this present government? I doubt its capacity.

  7. What are we killing ourselves for?destroying our property in the of whatever things that we don’t even know,lets do what is rite for a better 2moro

  8. Our military nowadays are so afraid to die. They run into the bush for protection when they sense any danger.

  9. You will suffer for what you have done. Keep destroying the genetations of your unborn children. I pray it never too late before you realise your foolishness.

  10. Nawao!
    Dis is not good atall at dis country present situation.
    Pls federal govt. Should negotiate wit dem pls

  11. One thing I know is that Aboki na aboki Buhari is totally confuse, but I just pray for Gods intervention

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