Chika Ike Caught Smoking Shisha In Dubai (Photo)


chika ike smoking shisha

Jan 25, 2013 – Nigerian Actress Chika Ike Caught Smoking Shisha In Dubai (Photo)

Beautiful Nollywood actress who divorced her husband of just seven years last month traveled to Dubai to cool off for the holiday.

The actress was so graceful to have shared with us some lovely pictures from her holiday.

To our surprise, the actress proudly shared a picture of herself smoking Shisha.

This brings us to the question is Chika Ike a smoker ? The answer is yes.

Smoking is injurious to our health, but Shisha is even more dangerous.

According to experts, a single Shisha smoking session is the same as smoking 200 cigarettes.

Shisha, the origins of which are disputed (some say India, others Persia or Turkey) is a glass-bottomed water pipe in which fruit-flavoured tobacco is covered with foil and roasted with charcoal. The tobacco smoke passes through a water chamber and is inhaled deeply and slowly; the fruit-flavoured tobacco tastes smooth and smells sweet, enthusiasts say, making it an enjoyable and unrushed experience.

Na wa oooo.