Actress Bisi Komolafe’s Fiance Arrested By Police Over Seized Property

bisi komolafe fiance arrested by police

Jan 25, 2013 – Actress Bisi Komolafe’s Fiance Arrested By Police Over Seized Property

The fiance of late actress Bisi Komolafe, Alhaji Tunde Ijaduola has been arrested by the Lagos police officials.

Just this past week we shared with you how the deceased actress’ family members petitioned the police over some properties seized by the deceased’ fiance, Tunde Ijaduola.

We learnt he released her Honda Pilot but the problem started when he refused to release her Nissan car and some high end electronics.

Bisi Komolafe’s family claimed his refusal to get in touch with them or pick their calls forced them to petition the police for his arrest.

Alhaji Tunde Ijaduola has been arrested and detained at Anti Robbery Squad office in Ikejia, Lagos.

22 thoughts on “Actress Bisi Komolafe’s Fiance Arrested By Police Over Seized Property

  1. That is good new for me today to read that theft call Alh Tunde arrested by Anti Robbery Squad in Ikejia,he call himself business car salers,but keep on the late Bisi Car and propertity,he have no right.they are not marry,he just 419 man cover up with USA Passport or visa free, nigeria women becareful about those nigeria oversea.

    • You ave just said it right.we ave lost a jewel, a paragon of beauty.ave not regain back my balance since the sad incident.

  2. She will not bring Bisi Back, but this theft has to give her family all property,and teach others women of becarefull about nigerian living in oversea with visa free,some her very bad dangerious like this TUnde.

  3. Since they have not married, he has no right over Bisi property. Please Police make sure he do not go away with a dine.

  4. Tunde u re a complete fool, rot in the hands of the men of the anti robbery squad.nigerian ladies becareful of fraudstar like tunde

  5. U dis tunde wat ar they cal u pls nd pls leave dis property 4 d family of the late actres leave am, leave am, leave am,u dis greed people. Charity begin at home

  6. We dont realy know d truth but if all dis ar true pls mr tunde letgo off d properties @ least u said u ar 4rm a reach home for d sake of d dead,let her soul rest.

  7. dats 2ru, afterall mr tunde u cme 4rm rich bck ground, realise d property of ur fiancee for God sake n let her soul rest in perfct peace.

  8. Pls u people should stop insulting tunde we don’t know d truth,papper carry diffrent rumour,she was burried wit her wedding gown,some said dey r married some said dey r not,y r u pple juding wat u r not sure about.pls u pple should allo my role model rest in peace.Bisi i will 4eva love n miss u.

  9. If dis is tru na wa oooo,mr tunde u sud even b charged for murder cos ur attitude says more,u are a theif,u sud remain under police custody,bisi’s family sud take heart and collect all dat belong to d deceased frm tunde (ole) since dey are nt married.peace

  10. Mr tunde i tink u ar 4rm a gr8 home y ar u holdin a gentle late bisi komolafe property hmmmmm if i shud say e killed bisi cos of er property

  11. some people commenting here are the biggest fools i have ever imagined in my life. Someone dies and the first thing we think is someone died of a problem she’s been having for couple of years and all we can come up is that the guy killed her or his wife.
    Family members should be mourning the loss of their loved one not fighting to get her property. like they are also not fighting for whom to inherit the property and all.

    Lesson is Why are people chasing after married men and not looking to settle with someone single if with all the so called money she has laboured for still to chase a car dealer who you all say has nothing.

    Just let sleeping dogs lie.

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