Nigerian Doctor, Dr Festus Ojagbemi Commits Suicide After His Double Life Was Exposed

dr festus ojagbemiThe Late Dr Ojagbemi

Oct 6, 2012 – Nigerian Doctor, Dr Festus Ojagbemi Commits Suicide After His Double Life Was Exposed

A 49-year-old Nigerian-born doctor who lived a double life with 2 different women for over 7 years with a promise to marry both women 1 month apart has committed suicide at his home in the UK.

Dr Festus Ojagbemi popularly called Wally lived with his long-time partner, Jackie Hammond on weekdays and his 2nd lover, Bamidele Ayeni on weekends for over 7 years before killing himself.

The late doctor fathered a child with Bamidele Ayeni who is a reknown Nigerian juju singer popularly called Dele Achiever D1 and promised to marry both women while stacking up thousands of pounds in debt taking both women on holidays.

dele achiever d1

Bamidele Ayeni aka Dele Achiever D1

According to his long time partner, Miss Hammond, Dr Ojagbemi stabbed himself twice at his surgery in St Mary’s Medical Center in Strood Kent but he survived the suicide attack.

According to Daily Mail report, while recovering in hospital he told police and both women that he was attacked by a stranger. But he eventually confessed the truth to officers – only to take his own life four days later on February 12.

Miss Hammond later found him at the detached house they shared in Hempstead, Kent. A note signed with his nickname was on the TV cabinet near where he was found hanged in the conservatory.

The cost of leading the double life emerged after his death, the inquest in Maidstone, Kent, heard. Miss Hammond said a credit card firm phoned after he died, claiming he owed them £10,000.

She said: ‘I started phoning and everyone told me how much he owed them. By the time we got to the 10th or 11th, the bill was huge. We just couldn’t get our heads around it.

‘I work, I get paid, so we don’t talk about finances. If we go on holiday he would be the one that pays.’

The couple had planned their wedding for this May after almost 20 years together.

Miss Hammond said he killed himself because he felt guilty after the double
life was uncovered, adding: ‘He just wanted me to notice he was hurting
because of what he had done to me.’

Miss Ayeni did not appear at the inquest but the hearing was told of
evidence she gave to police. She claimed Dr Ojagbemi proposed last
October and that they were planning a wedding in April.

They had a child, he rented a flat for them, visited on weekends and they would talk six or seven times a day, she said.

Miss Ayeni, who sings Juju and pop music, said she knew about the other
partner, but he told her he ‘did not love her any more’. She told
officers: ‘I would call him “baby” because he was my baby. I would also
call him my “husband”.

‘He’s intelligent, loving, caring, he buys me lots of things. Why would he do this to himself? Wally told me not to give anyone the news that we were getting married in April because everyone would go on about it.’

The court heard how the doctor, who also had two other children to two other women, had been off sick from work since December 2011, suffering from high blood pressure and vertigo.

The inquest was also told he had called Miss Ayeni on the day he died to tell her he loved her – and even discussed a wedding photographer with Miss Hammond on the morning he killed himself.

Recording a verdict of suicide, assistant deputy coroner Gail Elliman, said: ‘I am satisfied Dr Ojagbemi took his own life. I won’t go into any speculation about the reasons for doing so.’

He probably couldn’t take the guilt anymore OR may be he is under a spiritual attack.

What a sad life!

29 thoughts on “Nigerian Doctor, Dr Festus Ojagbemi Commits Suicide After His Double Life Was Exposed

  1. I dnt blame d man 4 hs takn such action cuz smtmz, suicide is d next option dat ends a shameful controversy. bt d greatst fear is, were am i goin if i die? May hs soul RIP.AMEN

  2. such is life we shoul not say he died cuz of the shame if you ask me i will he was in a juju house

  3. 4ck him in Hell… could he take his own life….Men…datz 2 bad….He's a damn Professional but tinz get bad….Shit Happen….Datz not d best Solution or Mayb sometin is Bhind d Scene……LIP SEALED.

  4. This is what happen to men that play women, what is wrong in sticking to one woman, love, honor and respect her and live a peaceful and fulfilling life? the bible also confirm it that whosoever find a woman, find the favor of God! But instead u want to play women (the apple of God's eyes)? No one play God and win! My thoughts are with the families and fatherless children, may the Lord guide and give you heart to bear your loss.

  5. sad and disgusting ..he may have been killed by someone if he was wronging so many women and duping them and owing so much..he had lots of enemies…that is for sure..i doubt that it was suicide..maybe murder

  6. oh! what an awful story, anyway, this sounds as a lesson to those men out there who thinks that they can keep up to TEN girl friends or deceive them and go Scot free. Remember that the evil Men does lives around with them! and what goes around comes around too! so the wise ones should learn their lessons ooooooh! A stitch in time saves nine, like they said…………. hummm it is really a petty.

  7. Stupidity n folishnx is d cus of it,it nt new or is he d 1st or last dt double date,may hs arogant soul rest in hell

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