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Nollywood, Hollywood & Bollywood Actors Who Died In 2019 And Cause Of Death

nollywood hollywood actors who died 2019

 Nollywood, Hollywood & Bollywood Actors Who Died In 2019 And Cause Of Death

The new year – 2019 – is still less than 60 days old, and the movie world has already lost quite a number of famous actors. Many of these recently-deceased actors were in their twilight years and very much retired, while others were relatively young and very much active in the movie industry. In this piece, we’ll be bringing you a compilation of famous actors who died in 2019 and their respective causes of death.

Famous Nollywood, Hollywood & Bollywood Actors Who Died In 2019 And Cause Of Death

Follow this article with rapt attention, as we remember our dear star actors and actresses, whose dreams, ambitions and plans for the year were cut short by the claws of death.

Nigerian Nollywood Actors Who Died in 2019

Nollywood has had its fair share of talent loss (death cases) over the course of its existence. However, since the turn of the new year (2019), only one prominent death case has been reported; the demise of popular Yoruba actor, Akintunde Gbenga.

  1. Gbenga Akintunde

Gbenga Akintunde, fondly called Burger by his colleagues and admirers, passed away on January 3, 2019, after a brief illness.

On the fateful day, the Yoruba actor reportedly went to the clinic, and complained of malaria, before giving up the ghost few hours later.

nollywood actor dies malaria

His actual cause of death, however, remains a mystery.

2. Hon Alfred Rotimi Popoola

The last on our list of Nigerian actors who died in 2019 is Hon Alfred Popoola who gave up the ghost on Wednesday night.

alfred rotimi popoola dead

His cause of death remains unknown.

American, Hollywood Actors Who Died in 2019

1. Brody Stevens

Brody Stevens, who was a renowned comedian and actor, passed away on Friday, February 22, at the age of 48. The late actor/comedian will be remembered for his starring roles in several top Hollywood movies, most notably The Hangover, Alone Together and Near Fall. He also appeared in several top TV Shows, notably The Late Late Show and Chelsea Lately.

Reports have it that the popular comic actor took his own life. However, the details and situations surrounding his alleged suicide remain unknown to the public.

  1. Kristoff St. John

Popular actor, Kristoff St. John, who is known for his role in Young and The Restless died earlier this month, on Sunday, February 3, 2019. He was aged 52.

kristoff st john autopsy

St. John was found dead in his home on the fateful day. And his actual cause of death remains unknown to the public. Reports, however, suggested suicide, which is not far-fetched, as the star actor has been battling psychological and psychiatric issues for years prior to his demise.

  1. Beverly Owen

Legendary actress, Owen, passed away on Thursday, February 21, 2019. She was 81 years old. Owen was best known for role in a popular Hollywood movie titled The Munsters (Season 1).

The veteran actress was diagnosed with ovarian cancer some time in January 2017, and the cancer eventually took her life after two years of battle.

  1. Bob Einstein

Popular Hollywood star, Bob Einstein, is no more! The famous award-winning movie star was best known for his starring roles in popular situation comedy series titled Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The actor died on January 2, 2019, at the age of 76. His cause of death was attributed to cancer, and he reportedly died shortly after diagnosis.

  1. Carol Channing

Veteran actress, Carol Channing, passed away earlier this year on January 15, 2019. She was aged 97, as at the time of her death.

The legendary Hollywood actress lived a fulfilled life, both on-screen and off screen. Her most prominent work was Hello, Dolly!. She was, prior to her death, one of the longest serving Broadway actors/actresses.

Carol Channing reportedly died of “natural causes”.

  1. Dick Miller

The Hollywood actor, who featured in a myriad of popular movies, which include Gremlin, A Bucket of Blood, The Burbs and Fame, and Terminator among others, passed away last month. He died on 30th January, 2019, at the age of 90. Over the stretch of Dick Miller’s long and illustrious career, he appeared in over one hundred movies.

His cause of death was not revealed to the public, but it is probably related to old age.

  1. Windsor Davies

Windsor Davies, who is best known for his exhilarating role in popular BBC sitcom “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”, is no more! He passed away on January 17, 2019. At the time of his death, he was 88 years old.

His cause of death was attributed to old age and “natural causes”. The actual cause, however, remains unknown.

  1. Clive Swift

Clive Swift, who made his name in a BBC sitcom titled Keeping Up Appearances, passed away on 1st February, 2019. He was 82 years old at the time of his death.

The actor’s cause of death is not known to the public.

  1. Vinny Vela

Popular actor, Vela, best known for his role in the 1995 crime-themed thriller Casino, passed away on Thursday, February 21, 2019. He was 72 years old.

The cause of death of the Manhattan born actor was attributed to complications from liver cancer.

  1. Julie Adams

Julie Adams, who was a unique-styled Hollywood actress, has passed on. She died on February 3 at the age of 92. Julie was (and remains) an iconic personality in Hollywood, especially in the horror-theme genre of the industry. Her most prominent appearance was in a movie titled Creature From The Black Lagoon.

The actual cause of her death is yet to be made public, but it was widely attributed to old age.

  1. Mungau Dain

Mungau Dain is the youngest actor on our list. The 24-year old reportedly died from a bacteria infection, caused by an open wound, which was left untreated.

Dain became globally known for his role in popular Hollywood movie titled Tanna. The young actor left behind a wife and two kids.

  1. Annalise Braakensiek

Australian actress and Model, Brannkensiek, passed away in a rather mysterious way. Her body was discovered by a welfare group, who visited her home on January 26, after complaints about her whereabouts got to the Welfare group. She was 46 years old.

While the actual cause of her death remains unknown, she was believed to be suffering from depression, which eventually led to her supposed suicide.

  1. Steve Levy

Steven Levy, popularly called Steve Bean, passed away on January 21, at the age of 58, after a brief battle with nose cancer. His death was, however, expected. In 2018, his doctors reportedly told him that he has less than a year to live. He left behind a wife, a son and parents.

The actor was renowned for his role in a movie titled Ray Donovan.

  1. Louisa Moritz

Popular Hollywood actress, Louisa Moritz, passed away about a month ago, in January 2019. She was aged 72. Mortiz reportedly died from a cardio-related (heart-related) disease.

The late actress’ most prominent appearance was in a movie titled One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, in the midst of over one hundred movies and TV Shows.

Famous Indian Bollywood Actors Who Died in 2019

  1. Naga Jhansi

Popular Bollywood actress, Jhansi, passed away earlier this month, on February 11. She reportedly took her own life after an alleged romantic conundrum involving her parents and boyfriend. The beautiful actress’ parents were allegedly against Naga’s romantic union, and this reportedly pushed her to take her own life.

However, it is widely believed that there is more to the story, which, unfortunately, might forever remain a mystery.

16. Syed Khan

Famous Indian actor, Syed Badr Hassan Khan, passed away on February 5, 2019. The actor, who was popularly called Polyester, worked on a number of Bollywood movies, notably Mann & Baddal, The Sword of Tipu and many more.

He died in his home on the fateful day. However, his actual cause of his death remains unknown to the public.

  1. Kader Khan

Iconic Bollywood actor, Khan, passed away on new year day – January 1 – in the North American country of Canada. He was 81 years old at the time of his death.

Kader Khan passed away in a Canadian hospital after a brief illness.

  1. Mahesh Anand

Legendary Bollywood “villain”, Anand, who reigned supreme in the 1990s, is no more. He passed away on February 11, 2019.

The actor, prior to his demise, was reportedly battling with alcoholism, which was allegedly one of the key factors that led to his death.

  1. Raj Barjatya

Veteran Indian filmmaker and actor, Raj Kumar Barjatya, passed away on Thursday, February 21, 2019. He is the father of famous Bollywood actor – Sooraj Barjatya, whom the veteran filmmaker left behind.

These actors will surely be missed, but their memories will continue to live with us.

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