Nigerian Movie Producer Tade Ogidan Beats Wife Again, In 2nd Domestic Violence & Wife Battery Scandal

tade ogidan beats wife

June 14, 2013 – Nollywood Movie Producer Tade Ogidan Beats Wife Again – In 2nd Wife-Beating & Domestic Violence Scandal

Popular Nigerian movie producer Tade Ogidan is in a serious wifebeating scandal.

On Thursday the 13th of June, 2013, one of his wives, Mrs Yewande Ogidan alleged that her husband beat the hell out of her during a serious argument.

Yewande the second wife of Tade Ogidan said she ran out of the house yesterday in order to escape death.

According to sources, this is not the first time this will happen.

Tade Ogidan is a man who loses his temper at any slight provocation.

His first wife too ran out of home due to domestic violence and battery.

Yewande and Tade have three children together.

Domestic violence in whatever form is a NO NO.  So many innocent women have died in this manner.

Hope she feels better.

22 thoughts on “Nigerian Movie Producer Tade Ogidan Beats Wife Again, In 2nd Domestic Violence & Wife Battery Scandal

  1. Nobody wil remember what d wife did to warrant d battering again,even though Tade was at fault for losin his temper.women are lik dat,men nids alot and alot and alot and alot……..of patience to deal wt dm.

  2. Mr. Tade Ogidan, u’re the 1 of the most popular and leader in this nation, why did you do this? Did you want to turn to the most badest leader in this nation? This is unfair, you shouldn’t have done this, am highly disapointed in you…

  3. Its just a big shame,tade has to be beaten purple green too.why can’t he go and meet his co men to fight with them.

  4. No, I just must comment,this has turn ur fyn boy to ugly guy. It is not easy 4 a man to drop this beastly habit. Gosh! Am pissed

  5. Idiot! It can only happen in Africa. Wife beater…. coward, lazy man, shameless idiot beating a woman. Nonesense, i wish you live in America, you would have rot in jail, stripped of your so-called hard early money and rot in jail.

    • You´re right brother,the idiot could only do this in africa,if he tries it in the western world,he´ll rot in jail for the rest of his life.Animal….,he looks like a baboon….!

  6. men shld learn 2 control their anger @ any situatn dey find demselves cos dey might end up commitn murder some day

  7. In as much as we condemn what the movie producer did to his wife.We should also condemn what ever led to it.( women should study their husband like wise men should do the same to their wife)so that this situation may not arise again in their home.Men should device a means to avoid this type of situation when ever they are provoked by their spouse/wife.

  8. you need to bear it , it is love, your husband loves you , if you are christian, you should remember that the judgement is in heaven , please wait or judgement day , even if your husband remove one of your eyes , you have to stay till judgement day. i hope they have build Guntanamo bay prison in heaven for the judgement of your an obedient wife, and do not cry, it is just a small beating

    • bose ade you have some mental issues. She should remain so that he can kill her and marry another woman so she can come and maltreat her children eh.

  9. Tade, u r a disgrace. He shud b arrested. Nigerian youth r looking up 2 u, bt u ve failed them. Idiot.

  10. no matter what can’t you ignore her? becareful o mr beast so you dont murder your wife else you rot in jail.all nigerian women should stop greeting him and should not allow him to direct or produce for them.nobody will listen to your side of the story for no reason strong enough.there are 1000 and 1 ways of punishing a woman if she is a stuborn wife. YOU ARE A BEAST.

  11. dis is rubbish a well respected man like ogidan beats his wife,very stupid tgo my hearing*angry* y shld a man on earth beats his wife av u fogotten wen u were still courtin d love and all promises made,the good times you both shared how come now its a tin of beating.its maddness mr tade so that pwetty lady u alwaysa wanna see then,you will always call 100 times before nite as turn to a beating property now all in the name of she accepted to marry you,think twice man that was a low level act. mrs tade sorry dearie the lord will restore you happiness in many folds the lord is your strength.lastly mr tade get a life

  12. @bose ade, seriously?? Are you human at all, she should stay in the house and keep receiving small beating to pluck out her eyes and make her derailed like your state of mind is? So if she dies in the process, u’ll ask the heaven judge to help her, abi, nonsense!!! Y not go and take her place instead, obedient wife my foot!

    @ Mrs. Ogidan, i wonder why on earth you haven’t taken your husband to court. Or do you think we don’t have laws in naija? We do and they are effective(at least to a very good extent if you get a human rights lawyer to defend you). Trust me, sum up courage and do it if it happens again, let ur husband treathen you, he will neva in his remaining life raise a hand at u if he tastes jail term once.

    @Tade Ogidan, thank God am not a lawyer. I for look for your wife, make a casde and ensure you pay for ur nasty battery actions. Even an ape protects its spouse; inotherwords, u are worse than an ape. U better take your time! NONSENSE

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