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Nigerians Selling Fellow Nigerians To Slave Traders In Libya – Returnee Opens Can Of Worms

nigerians slave trading fellow nigerians

Nigerians Are Slaving Trading Fellow Nigerians In Libya – Returnee Opens Can Of Worms

One of the recently deported Nigerians from Libya has opened up on her ordeal in the restive North African country.

22-year-old Aisha Musa, an indigene of Ikire in Irewole Local Government Area of Osun State has blamed the ugly experience of many Nigerian migrants in the North African country on bad behaviours.

Aishat relived her experience in Libya when she returned to the country on Monday night.

The former housemaid was among the 145 Nigerians deported from the war-ravage North African country.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) received the 145 distressed Nigerians from Libya.

NEMA’s Coordinator of Lagos Territorial Office, Alhaji Idria Abubakar Muhammad, received the returnees on behalf of other national agencies.

The returnees were brought back to Nigeria by IOM aboard Boeing 737-85k in Al Buraq Air flight number 189/29 and registration number 5A-DMG B738 from war-ravaged Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

Aishat said:

“The problem there was that Nigerians don’t obey the people’s law.

“Despite the fact that the country is facing serious problem, they are very patriotic to their country and would not allow prohibited manners or behaviours in their land.

“Nigerians secretly imports alcoholic drinks into the country. The girls wear skimpy or near nude dresses. All these are not permitted there, but they still go out in such dresses.

“Most of our ladies are into prostitution. Nigerians are fully involved in slave trading of their fellow nationals.

“The law there is that as a woman, you must wear long dresses to cover your body; don’t leave the shape of your body to appear in your dresses. Once you obey these, you can move freely, irrespective of whether you’re black or not.”

“Nigerians who are lucky to be housemaids are hostile to the children of their bosses. They beat up the children at any slight provocation. Some of the acts cannot be allowed by any decent society.

“To me, I obeyed their laws. I am happy that I got a very good family that I worked for as a housemaid.”

“Since the war broke out, the family I worked for relocated to Turkey. I would have followed them but I don’t have an international passport.

“The passport problem brought me back to Nigeria. The head of the family I worked for is an Immigration Officer and he asked me to go back and obtain a passport here in Nigeria.”

Aishat said she had paid for the passport.

“He bought my air ticket to Turkey. My madam said the children cannot do without me; the more reason they asked to join them in Turkey till the end of the war. I get a good salary.”

The returnee said she paid N400,000 to her friend who trafficked her to Libya and she claimed that she gets N50,000 equivalent of Libyan currency.

She stressed that her madam was like a mother to her.

After profiling of the returnees, the analysis of the breakdown indicates that 99 are adult males, two male children and five male infants, as well as 35 adult females and four infant females.

Muhammad admonished the returnees to learn lessons from what they went through and always be ready to make the best use of opportunities abundantly available in Nigeria.

“With your return now, you have realised that Nigeria is the best that has opportunity for everyone. All you need to do is tap in whatever you want to do and the present government is making things easy to encourage realisation of individuals and collective potential for the development of Nigeria of our dream.

“Make sure you are not left behind in the development of Nigeria,” he said.

The coordinator advised those thinking of embarking on such perilous journey to desist.

He said the situation on the routes were more dangerous than the little challenges in Nigeria.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rosy

    May 3, 2019 at 6:14 AM

    That is the problem na. they can’t protect and be their brothers keeper but killer

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