Nike Oshinowo & Husband, Dr Soleye End Marriage In Divorce

nike oshinowo divorced

Jan 21, 2013 – Nike Oshinowo & Husband, Dr Tunde Soleye End Marriage In Divorce

Former Nigerian beauty queen, Mrs Nike Oshinowo and her husband, popular Lagos-based Dr Soleye have finally separated.

The socialite couple who got married six years ago are set to divorce after weeks of secret separation.

Nike Oshinowo‘s husband confirmed their split with City People. Though, a valid reason for their separation wasn’t revealed.

According to insiders, Nike & Dr Soleye are to be blamed for not giving each other the necessary attention to make their marriage work.

Adenike Oshinowo’s bossom friends have heaped the blame on Dr. Soleye who they say has remained a ladies man despite his marriage to Nike. He’s alleged to have been close to other women even after he was married to Nike. They claimed that although Dr. Soleye showered love and affection on her at the early stages, he stopped a few years ago when he began to ignore her.

Friends of Dr. Soleye also heaped the blame on Nike who they claim lives extravagant and flamboyant lifestyle which reportedly contributed to the quick depletion of Dr. Soleye’s resources.

They claimed that because of the love he had for Nike he spent all he had on Nike, setting up for her a beauty business and funded her Miss Nigeria project for 2 years before she pulled out. Many believe that their marriage may have contributed to the financial squeeze he is currently experiencing.Nike has kept mum about the break-up. [City People]

Just last year, we learnt Nike Oshinowo was involved in a romantic relationship with Ooni of Ife’s son, Prince Tokunbo Sijuwade.

Though she had denied it, sources claim it might be one of the untold reasons for her divorce.

10 thoughts on “Nike Oshinowo & Husband, Dr Soleye End Marriage In Divorce

  1. Marriage is for better and for worse but rather than you both die in it,its better d both go there separate ways.Most people that criticise either haven’t been married and don’t know what’s its all about or are married but don’t know what these people are honestly going through cause apparently they aren’t in there shoes.Him who wears d shoe knows were it hurts.

  2. doctor weh wan marry celebrity, celebrity com chop doctor money finish, doctor no fit maintain celeb, dat one na stalemate…oro pesi je oh, oro di uuuhhn

  3. nike, you said you be oga why are you runing, after you have breakdown his finance, what do see for the first place ? fool. now you have time for young mens foolish

  4. Now y don’t I have dat surprised look on my face? Because, I saw this coming.. As a matter of fact, I say it’s long overdue! Nike Oshinowo is definitely no wife material..I wonder what the h*ck that doctor was thinking.. Someone as ‘prim and proper’ being tied down? Of course only for the money! And now ‘doctor husband’ ain’t providing enough so ‘babe’ gotta move on…lol #okbye


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