Nnamdi Kanu Changes Mind, Says Anambra Governorship Election Will Not Hold


nnamdi kanu changes mind anambra election

August 21, 2017 – Nnamdi Kanu Changes Mind, Says Anambra Governorship Election Will Not Hold During Visit To Ekwulobia

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu said yesterday that no governorship election will hold in Anambra unless the Federal Government of Nigeria fulfill IPOB’s demand for referendum for Biafra.

Kanu who changed his mind days after he allegedly agreed to shelf planned boycott of Anambra governorship election returned to Ekwulobia yesterday to tell his people that no election will hold in Anambra state.

While speaking on behalf of Kanu, IPOB spokesperson, Emma Powerful said;

“Our mission to Ekwulobia is to sensitize Biafrans to know the reason why it is necessary to boycott Anambra Election and other subsequent elections in Biafranland and to tell the world that election boycott stands.

“We refute the rumors going round now that our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have withdrawn the order IPOB gave against Anambra gubernatorial election on November 18th 2017. IPOB order of ‘no election’ remain unless Nigerian Government give us date for referendum, we are not calling for war.”

Kanu said the group was not at Ekwulobia to play Nigeria politics, rather to show the whole world how serious and determined they were towards the restoration of Biafra independence.

“There will be no election in the whole of Biafra land, no retreat, no surrender because we have taking it as a point of duty to restore Biafra without war anybody or group calling for war is doing that at his or her own or detriment. we are calling United nations and other relevant human rights organizations across the globe to prevail on Nigeria Government to give us date for referendum to ascertain whether the people of Biafra want to stay in Nigeria or not.

“IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu is a peaceful and ordained movement that is bent only to restore Biafra independence. We are not fighting for our personal gain and we are only interested in Biafra restoration or nothing, IPOB will boycott election in Anambra State.”