Nollywood Actress Bukky Fagbuyi Provides Free Health Care For Actors

bukky fagbuyi free healthcare

June 5, 2017 – Nollywood Actress Bukky Fagbuyi Provides Free Health Care For Actors

Nollywood actress Bukola Fagbuyi recently organised free diabetes, hypertension and blood sugar tests for Nollywood icons, Veteran and movie Stakeholders, including distribution of Cholesterol Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor to all the Veterans that came for the exercise in Lagos.

The screening, which held at Airport Hotel Ikeja, was meant to honour Nigerian Actors and Actresses, especially veterans in putting an end to untimely death.

According to Olayemi Esan who monitored the exercise for Spyetv said, a member of the medical team at the screening Doctor Keshinro DCMD Gbagada hospital, Doctor in charge of Consultation said that about 200 people participated in the screening exercise. The Doctor said health issues are increasing because of lifestyle and types of food people eat.

“We check their glucose levels as many of them are hypertensive and diabetic; we advise them to visit hospitals for medical check ups because the major health challenge we have in Nigerian is that many people do not visit the hospital for medical checkups until they at the point of death”.

“Those who tested positive are not aware they are hypertensive and diabetic. We advised them to avoid taking much salt and fatty food such as soft drinks because it contains high sugar level. It is better to eat high fiber foods; vegetables and fruits because they are good for the body”.

She advised those who are diabetic to reduce stress, old people should eat more vegetables and fruit-related foods, while children should eat balanced diets because it would help their growth.

“Major cause of hypertension is stress because there is the hardship in the country and people find it difficult to relax. Some Actors will shoot scenes late in the night and wake very early the following morning to continuing shooting their movie. So, people should make out time to relax irrespective work pressure or hardship

Taking plenty of water is good for health”.

The initiator, Bukola Fagbuyi of Buk-Fag Film Productions, said God inspired her to organise the screening, adding that it is meant to help Actors, existence especially the older ones.She said: “We are lamenting on non-existence health scheme for Movie Ambassadors, so i decided to help my colleagues who are in need of health care. I want to encourage veteran actors whether married, single, and young that there is hope for them. Retired Veteran actors should not give up irrespective of what they go through”.

In attendance was Doctor Keshinro DCMD Gbagada hospital Doctor in charge of consultation, Pharmacist Olayinka Fatusin, Pharmacist in Charge CEO PhillsCure Pharmaceutical Company, New Height Pharmaceutical company Nurse Ogunmola, Nurse Akinwinsolu, Nurse Fagbuyi, Nurse Ogunwale, Nurse Fagbemisoye Nurse kore, And MatronAlonge, a Nutritionist. Others are:

Matron Olasehinde, Mrs Olowolekomo a Dietician, Mrs Gboyega a Dietician and Matron Taiwo Atolagbe. Some Veteran that came are: Oloye Ajere, Ogun Majek, Olofainan, Alabi yellow, Remmy Shitta Bay, Shokoti, Fred Amata, Tony Akposere, Rachel Oniga, Iya Rainbow, Veronica Dikko, Radical, Baba Fokoko, iya Atoli,Atoli, Aderupoko, Elesho, Alex Shabi, Paul Adams Nike Pella, Ojojolu and Bukola Fagbuyi herself.

5 thoughts on “Nollywood Actress Bukky Fagbuyi Provides Free Health Care For Actors

  1. a good idea it doesn’t end here, actors guild should come together signed and agree to a family health insurance policy which they would pay into monthly for as little as each individual can afford, go into partnership with banks, hospitals and insurance companies just in case they become ill, free health care will be available or loose their lives their families will be well taken care of. most of them do not have life or health insurance but rather spend money on luxury cars, designer clothing and shoes and then showing off rented properties as theirs.. they simply misplace their priorities

  2. This is a very great feat and I’m really proud of the organizer Bukky Fagbuyi. We want to see more of these screening.i am particularly happy to see the old and experienced actors and actresses in attendance.this will help put them on a path to better health.kudos to all organizers.pls followup is required at intervals.
    I’m so elated with programs like this.more grease to y’all elbows.invite more of the very elderly as well

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