Obasanjo: Boko Haram Has Impregnated The Chibok Girls, Some May Never Return

June 13, 2014 – Obasanjo: Boko Haram Has Impregnated The Chibok Girls, They’ll Soon Give Birth To Little Terrorists

Chibok Girls Are Pregnant For Boko Haram Fighters.. They Will Soon Deliver Little Terrorists

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo in a recent interview on BBC Hausa said he has a way reaching Boko Haram sect if he was given a go ahead.

“I have ways of reaching them(Boko Haram) but I have not been given the go ahead,” he added.

Obasanjo further expressed fears that many of the girls may never come back home. He said the terrorists have impregnated the girls and will likely release the pregnant ones.

“I believe that some of them will never return. We will still be hearing about them many years from now, some will give birth to children of the Boko Haram members, but if they cannot take care of them in the forest, they may release them.”

Obasanjo the comedian…. please make u talk small o…