Ombatse Cultists Killed 60 Nigerian Policemen In Lafia, Nasarawa; 2 Officers Arrested For Their Death


nigerian policemen killed by cultists

May 11, 2013 – Ombatse Cultists Killed Over 60 Nigerian Policemen In Lafia, Nasarawa; 2 Corporals Arrested For Their Death

On Tuesday the 7th of May, 2013, 17 out of 90 Nigerian Policemen who went on a mission to arrest the leader of a notorious secret cult called Ombatse in Lafia Nassarawa returned.

Following a tip off from 2 corporals, the cultists attacked the police officers on duty killing over 50 of them instantly.

According to Nasarawa state Police commissioner, here is why they embarked on  the mission to arrest the priest of the notorious Ombatse cult.

“The militia group called Ombatse was going about in mosques and churches forcing all people of Eggon extraction in and out of Lafia to drink a particular concoction prepared from herbs and anyone who failed to comply was beaten up and harassed.  It was agreed at the state security meeting that the Ombatse Shrine priest be arrested to stop such activities.

2 Police corporal who allegedly leaked their secret mission to the cultists namely Corporal Enugu and Haruna Joseph who hailed from Eggon have been arrested by Nasarawa state police command.

What a world we live… brothers killing brothers.

May the souls of the innocent officers rest in peace.