Kim Kardashian In Cornrows Braids (Photo)

kim kardashian braided cornrows braids

May 11, 2013 – Kim Kardashian’ Cornrows Braided Hair (Picture)

While Africans are running after long braids to make an excellent look, folks from other countries are busy trying to look like us.

Few weeks ago, American reality TV star, Kim Kardashian was spotted with her baby father, Kanye West in Cornrow braids.

So the babe too sabi African beauty! Hmmm.

Africans are beautiful people there is no doubt about that.

6 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian In Cornrows Braids (Photo)

  1. I think we are more valuable outside than the way we sees our selves in Africa… we got the fashion and swags… Proudly Niaja

  2. While our girlz are run’n afta brazilian, indian, and all sorts of hair, they busy in luv wit our local style.. We should plz try and appreciate wat we have and nt take it forgrantd..

  3. we should rather appreciate our hair cus its not local,African culture is the best why don’t we to formulate “9JA hairstyle”

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