Omotola Jalade Dazzles In New Sexy Photo Shoot

sexy pictures of omotola jalade

July 1st, 2013 – Omotola Jalade Dazzles In New Sexy Photo-shoot

Check out the latest pictures of Nollywood queen Omotola Jalade

Omosexy nah real beautiful woman.

Can you believe this gorgeous body belongs to a mother of four?

Check out Omotola Jalade’s children photo below;

omotola jalade children pictures

Her Husband, captain Matthew Ekeinde Jr is a very lucky man.

I hear people saying she is well padded…Do you think Omosexy used butt pad in this photos?

17 thoughts on “Omotola Jalade Dazzles In New Sexy Photo Shoot

  1. There is no big deal about her shape o jare. I have seen a mother of six that is more beautiful and sexier. Lol! Anyways, nice family picture!

  2. she has sold her soul for money to the devil in Illuminaiti, i said it before, and people should get ready for more stupid acts from her, because she has to act accordind to the directions of the Illuminaiti securet cult orders.dont you see MADONNA, RIHANNA, KANYE WEST, LADY GAGA, NICKY MINAJ, and others.

  3. U are not a woman if u dont have Husband.a woman need to live with her husband an her falimy,love ur husband and make him happy?

  4. please is Omotola jalade divorce or is just a rumour? no matter what i think she has already make a very good name,why now she alore herself into such photos better leave that to the younger stars or models,we know you are pretty but God has a purpose for making you like that, (BAD INFLUENCE)

  5. Omotola please learn to be a responsible mother, after all you are married is your husband normal?

  6. Please, you should should stop making nasty commnets about her, she has choosen her part in life, and she is good in it, it is God who has given the talent let her use it as much as she can. She is legitimately happily married and still staying with her husband, after all the man is not complaining so whats your own? Let us not let people down but encourage them when when they perform well.

  7. She is blessed and well known by her carrier,I don’t why some people are so cruel,bittered and jealous of good things in life,it’s better you stop speaking ill of people..

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