Omotola Jalade Spotted With Hollywood Actor Danny Glover & Mel B Of Spice Girls

omotola jalade with danny glover

May 4, 2013 – Nollywood Actress Omotola Jalade Spotted With Hollywood Actor Danny Glover &  Mel B Of Spice Girls

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade is definitely enjoying her stay in the United of States of America.

Shortly after she was picked among Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, Omotola travelled to America for time100 gala, an event organized by Time Magazine.

Since her arrival in the US, Omotola has been spotted with several American stars like Michelle Williams of Destiny’s child and the owner of Huffington post.

Few hours ago, Omotola said she ran into Mel B, a member of the Spice Girls musical group in her hotel.

Hear Omotola in her own words below

“Lol… See who I ran into in my hotel. The beautiful Mel B. We have a common friend designer, Bunmi Koko. Lol…She is so funny and that accent! She joked much about my #butt. She is now a judge on Americas got talent.

The actress also said she’ll be spending the day with veteran Hollywood actor Danny Glover.

See another picture below

omotola jalade with mel b

Omotola Jalade with spice girls’ Mel B

Omosexy ti o bad..She sabi pose well well.

12 thoughts on “Omotola Jalade Spotted With Hollywood Actor Danny Glover & Mel B Of Spice Girls

  1. Omosexy, ure such an enviable woman.I love ur achievments kip it up. But my dear hope ure aware of d fact dt husband snatchers plenty for outside nw. I no won make dem snatcj captain take am easy.

  2. omotola,u can see how down to earth mel b is,and she is a proper a list star,but u and ur other actors are so full of ur self u don’t even say hello or take photos with ur own Nigerian people

  3. Tank God u’ve seen hw frndly dey are,so i urge u dat wen cumin back learn 2 be frndly with ur fellow Nigerians.

  4. Learn from those international superstar so dat u can correct ur bad and snob attitude! Be wise !!

  5. I used to meet mel B in the salon at double bay sydney Australia during her contract with australian X factor so whatz the big deal about mel B

  6. Lola thank u jo,and by the way is this omotola show all about spotted with this or that hollywood personality,it make no sence 2 me she is just posing up and down with her inetial gragra.

  7. Omosexy,we love u ever since nd wil continue to love u. I like ur actin d way u look infact everything about u. But pls know wat is good nd also know wat is bad bcos u ar married.

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