Orlando Florida Gay Club Mass Shooter, ISIS Gunman Omar Mateen, A US Citizen [PHOTOS]

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June 12, 2016 – Orlando Florida Gay Pub Mass Shooting Suspect, Omar Mateen A US Citizen With Ties To Islamic State Terror Sect [PICTURES]

Orlando Florida Mass Shooter Angry At Homosexuals, Father Says Terrorist Attack Not Motivated By Islam

The US citizen who reportedly killed 53 at a gay pub in Florida last night has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen.

He was born to parents from Afghanistan based in New York. NY-based Omar travelled to Florida where his father works before carrying out the terror attack that claimed the lives of over 50 homosexual party goers.

His father suggested that the attack was fueled by hatred for homosexuals.

He has been on FBI radar for a while now but all cases brought against him were dropped in 2013.

The father of the Jihadist, Seddique Mateen said the terror attack was not motivated by religion.

Omar Marteen was shot dead in a gunfire after three hours of stand off at Pulse nightclub on Orange Avenue in Orlando.

In addition to the 53 murdered victims, over 50 others suffered serious injuries as the night club was packed with excited gay party lovers as they get ready to celebrate Pride Day this weekend.

The death toll of Orlando Florida terror attack is likely to rise as many of the injured victims are currently clinging to life at hospitals in Orlando Florida.

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19 thoughts on “Orlando Florida Gay Club Mass Shooter, ISIS Gunman Omar Mateen, A US Citizen [PHOTOS]

  1. Give citizenship status to Christians as they are generally peaceful and full of love, as opposed to these muslims (especially from Northern Nigeria, middle belt and the Middle East) whose religious tenets are: kill, kill,kill…no.u
    You prefer to make Christians sweat for it and the evil muslims get it on a platter of gold, because you’re afraid of them. Yet they continue to murder you.
    I’ll vote Donald Trump any day!

    • In addition to my ealier post, this issue is simple a matter of GUN CONTROL…
      Get that?.

      Have you forgotten Sandy Hook in 2013 with bunch of children killed by the young dude with military weapons?. The list goes on.

      Guns need to be controlled period. Stop unnecessary hate on islam.

      Do you even know that in the same city another attack happened almost simultaneously with this one. Attacker in this one is also armed with knife and weapons attacking and killing a muscian. It was briefly televised.




  2. First comment by Cutie is irrational to me. If you had lived in the US you would have known similar attacks by average Americans against gay. But they are tagged “hate crime” against gay people.

    This is DEFINITELY average American dude. It’s the same when a nigerian is arrested for fraud, they would identify him as nigerian-American citizen. But if the person is American by American parents there is nothing like that.

    This guy is American born in NEW YORK.

  3. Doing this just to destroy the image of Islam cuz no any American Author can change even a line in th Quran.thats why dey use d illitrate muslims or thugs to make islam look bad.anyways some people are still in the darkness..I pity them

  4. @AMANDA,may GOD open ur eyes,even when the truth is calling u everyday u still have a way to run or something to say.peace be with u

  5. @ M,is there any verse in the quran or hadith that talks about violence against infidels or christians or jews?if there is,then no one is painting anything bad.it is the truth,action speaks louder than words.something is definitely wrong somewhere

  6. this guy made a 911 call around time pledging alligence to isis.he was even ready to die for this painting of islam.if someone is ready to die to make islam look bad then we are in serious trouble.but fortunately we know thats not true.something is wrong with islam,like me or not.islam (not muslims)is a false religion.but everyone should remember that this doesnt mean we should hate muslims.we should love them and pray that one day the lord will open thier eyes to see this deception.amen

  7. @AMANDA.u would tell us that isis,bokoharam,al shabab,al qaeda etc are not muslims right?also isis,bokoharam etc also says u r not a true muslim.now u would back it up with the quran,and also they would back it up with the same quran.pls which one of u is right?the problem here is that i dont know whom to believe since the source of these types of muslims is still the quran.pls naija people i dont know whom to believe ooo.the voilence in the name of islam is becoming too rampant.pls we need to accept the truth that is islam is questionable and that it is violent.

  8. another question for my muslim brothers and sisters is ;those the quran teach that in the end times islam would be the only religion in the world?does the quran teach that anyone who does not accept islam during the time of the madhi be put to death?what would happen to those who dont accept islam during the end times when the madhi arrives?is the madhi going to wage war against any one?how do muslims view jews and christians?can someone tell me about the beast of the earth that would come and give muslims a mark during the end times?if anyone can explain this things to me and others right here with clarity it would be helpful.

  9. It’s a free country where everyone is permitted to do his or her best that includes anyone who felt that one’s attitude does not conform with the way it ought to be. Similarly any country that throws its doors opened to every Tom Dick and Harry must know that human nature is very intriguing.

  10. now the almighty AMANDA does not understand what i said.can someone pls explain to her what a simple set of questionS i asked.this is how u people become confused and run away.@even AMANDA does not have a good explanation any more.THE TRUTH IS THERE FOR ALL TO SEE.

  11. This is soooooo gross how can anyone even contemplate this type of action and actually carry it out? just because people have different way of life to yours. his heart must full of hate; though i strongly believe this type of incident can happen in Nigeria too, with the intolerance being displayed everyday by both 2 main religions coupled with media onslaught it wont be long before it happens, i remember back in march this year 2 people were killed and their house burnt down because they were seen mating. i hope we learn from this,as long as gays don’t interfere with your life just move on let the law deal with any issue of criminality. live and let live!

    RIP to the dead

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