Orlando Florida Gay Club Shooter Omar Mateen Hates To See 2 Men Kissing – Ex-Wife Speaks

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June 13, 2016 – Orlando Florida Gay Club ISIS Gunman Omar Mateen Hates To See 2 Men Kissing – Ex-Wife Of Says He’s Mentally Ill

Ex-wife of the 29-year-old who killed 53 people in Florida over the weekend has come forward.

Sitora Yusufiy described Omar Mateen as a devout Muslim who talked about killing others all the time.

He reportedly hate to see two men kissing. His outlook usually changes when he sees two men making out or walking hand in hand.

Colleagues were deeply worried about how he was turning out, and complained about his talk of wanting to kill. And bosses did nothing about his dangerous outburst.

He remarried another woman, Noor Zahi Salman in 2012 before they broke apart. They have a son together.

Fellow mosque goers described Omar as an unfriendly loner.

He is constantly agitated and aggressive towards others. He hoped to become a police officer but worked as a security officer instead.

Marcus Dwayne Robertson

He was a follower of radical imam Marcus Dwayne Robertson released from prison last year.

12 thoughts on “Orlando Florida Gay Club Shooter Omar Mateen Hates To See 2 Men Kissing – Ex-Wife Speaks

  1. That he hates gays does not equally gives him the bonafide right to kill them since thier live is in God‘s Hands and not his. Is he a Saint himself? Rubbish.

    He‘s just been brainwashed by his stupid religious affiliation to believe a lie that killing those you percieved as unbelievers is a great gain with a reward in the paradise that thier so called prophet created for them. A naked hoax!

    Gush! These ***** are really vampires among men. So disgusting so infuriating. Anywhere they are they they look for a reason to make people‘s blood flow.
    What an anti-christ religion of bondage and falsehood and hopelessness and everlasting damnation and enemity with God???

    I take a stroll…

    • you are free to your opinion, am sure u expect some real muslims to take your comment seriously but non will because your comments seriously indicates hate. if you hate islam so much because of some sick people commiting evil under the disguise of islam them you are islamophobic and you are just another OMAR MATEEN!

  2. Is not religion matter. He was mental and also hate seeing men or women because is wrong. But not to kill. I am sure most people feel same as him by hating to see men men or women women kissing. For him is disgusting.

    So that is what his mentality pushed him to do. Nothing to do with religion.

  3. Now I see it coming,some people support gay in their religion…Nawa ohh see them angry.ok oo now I see d kind of religion you ppl follow.getting angry cuz dey kill those ***** cuz they are Christians abii?

  4. They are using dis medium of terror to tarnish a good religion why bcuz islam is the only way out! Pls come to think of it even in jerusalem christian(catholics)Perform ablution nd pray 2 rakaat…Pls ask your pastor.or try goin there yourself.

  5. So now Marcus dwayne Robertson is a muslim name?u ppl shud reason well pls a follower of radical imam…rubbish

  6. @ M you need to read and understand very well befor you can comment to public. Marcus Dwayne Robertson maybe a Christian name but to me I believe that this guy convert to muslim because he know that Christain don’t practice such Radical act but he believe that joining islam will help him to carry out his missions.Robertson has traveled the world teaching about Islamic religion, teaching at universities, some in the United States. Videos of his lessons show him preaching against gays, or “devil worshipers” as he calls them, non-Muslims and American pop culture icons like SpongeBob SquarePants, who he says is “gay,” reports Fox News.

    Robertson, who was born in Brooklyn, obeyed Islamic law and married two women, Zulaika and Itisha Wills. Between them and women outside of his marriage, Robertson has 15 children. Through his teachings, videos and social media, he has an estimated 150 followers, says Fox News, building an extensive network in Florida and New York. All of these people are a concern for federal law enforcement, Robertson then took his Muslim name, Abu Taubah, according to Fox News,Robertson was a bodyguard to Omar Abdel Rahman, nicknamed the “Blind Sheik.” He is the blind Egyptian Muslim leader currently serving a life sentence. Rahman was part of the extremist Islamic group accused of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, says Fox News. heavy.com/news/2016/06/marcus-dwayne-robertson-omar-mateens-possible-teacher-omar-mateen-teacher-orlando-shooting-terrorist-attack/

  7. If he truly hate gay people, he has no right to kill them because God himself is already punishing them with HIV AIDS

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