Pastor Adeboye Supports Private Jet Ownership “You Can’t Oversee 160 Nations On Bicycle”

pastor adeboye private jet

April 14, 2013 – Pastor Adeboye Supports Private Jet Ownership “You Can’t Oversee 160 Nations On Bicycle”

In this recent interview on Aljazeera, Pastor E.A Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God relate his view on private jet ownership in Nigeria.

The highly respected man of God said the following on the global news channel

There are things you need, which you must have if you are to be efficient…If you have to oversee churches in 160 nations, you can’t do that on a bicycle.”

37 thoughts on “Pastor Adeboye Supports Private Jet Ownership “You Can’t Oversee 160 Nations On Bicycle”

  1. daddy why must you tavelled 160 nations why your own house naigeria is in troble ,lot of porvety in my point view sir there is noting bad in buying private jet but the situation that our dear country is passing doesnot permit
    such expensive and flambouyant properties .remember this money belong to the member that contributed the money in the name of donation to church ,
    oppls let us fear god

    • femi what do you want to read again the information is straight forward to those who care to understand,if the act is normal to you that is your problem
      to me its not normal

  2. Private Jet owns by d church is it new globally ? Politians,bizmen,etc have it. OUR poverty mind make it to be somethin d church shldn’t have.MORE of it in NIG & AFRICA

  3. d buying of private jet ll’look as if we are waisting money due 2 d economy situation of our country

    • its seems you are a member of the church that is why you did not see anything wrong on the act .its madness

  4. baba,d situation in d country is far beyond jet.u ve said nothing on d issue of insecurity in d nation.did jesus christ use jet when he came?.yet he triumphed nd won many souls.hmmmmmmmm o ga o

  5. Buyin jst 1 private jet is nt dat bad sa, bt wen dey start buyin like 4 jets jst like bishop oyedepo, den I don’t supot dat @ all. Besides does it mean dat he travels 2 160 countries 2 preach or wat. Hw many countries knw deir is a church call RCCG

  6. Bt cum 2 tink of it, even If he goes 2 160 nations, does it mean dat if he doesn’t get a jet, he wunt b able 2 do it. Dat means oda pastors dat can’t afford private jets shuld limit dere pastoral wrk 2 dis county only.

  7. oluwabusayo hw can u compare jesus generation an dis our generation as 4me i dnt see anything wrong wt private jet as long as u are cabable of buyin it or is it only nija dat suffer 4rm economic problem?

  8. What ever will make spreading the gospel convinient should be employed. If he needs 10 jets to acheive his mandate, so be it.

    • you should be able to identified btw materials things and gospel remember
      there is a great diffrent btw religion and godleness
      if you are talking of godleness 10 jet is madness and has noting to do with gospel

  9. Remember, Jesus christ our Lord n saviour n His disciples acquired nothing. He neva have private ship,horse,donkey or whatever means of transport those day.

  10. See, lets stop complaining. I believe if all hand is on deck,the missionaries will have little work to do and the gospel will spread fast. This will hesten the coming of Christ.

  11. I wish we could really understand the gospel msg. Its now how well we do it but how God wants it to go. Pastor Adeboye learn that while paul plants, apollos waters, it is God that makes the plant to grow. The 160 churches do not need u to make them grow. God will always ve his design. What if u die today who does the 160 tour? You know better. Let the spirit lead you so not to mislead the many wuo follow you and not God.

  12. The truth of the matter is many pastors has turn the word of God and house of God to something else. In that their churches there are many that can nt afford a meal, why can’t they use all these monies to better their life instead of this jet madness. They should emulate the general oversea of mountain of fire.

  13. Na waooo! this Gospel of this days Churches has becomes avenue of corner members for their richest, those pastors now count richest, what is the difference between Christianity and the World Businessmen, i learnt that those pastors of these days tested the poverty of those days, buying a jet at this harsh stage of poverty in Nigeria is not scriptural because Christianity is all abt betterment of humanity in this world and beyound, i.e. it will be bad if is not God that lead them to buy jet because they always said in their preaching that God said, that is to say that they are hearing from God before doing anything, if it is God that said they should buy jet with N14,000,000,000.00 in our rate of poverty? Heaven with this people will be worser, i dont pray to meet them in heaven because i will fight to a finish.

  14. I also learnt that Christianity is not about the things of the world but about humanity, Christianity is not a comparison with what the world does but the impactation on humanity, we should not be tired. we are call to serve, and is a kingdom of its own, we should not be decieve, Christianity is beyond prayers, healing, preaching, maricles, we are not here to pertake in the beauty of this world because we have a kingdom to rules, or to waste money for jet, but to help humanity to God, pull them out from their wicked way to God ways, they are some people who dont have food to eat but put offering and tithe in the basket, what is the return financially to them, build school and high the money of school fees, buying jet and pay so much for parking space and insurance, that is to say that what people experience in Pharases days are still happening now, they think they know God better than everyone, even when Christ came they did not believe in Him. if Dangote buy jet i will not say anything because i know he is of the world. But not he that knows the truth about Christianity. I heard that all this some RCCG Church, without been development sent their every week offering and tithe to headqauarter, when did headquarter will ever return their money to them to build their churches to the standard. I berg jet still get experiences ooooooooo!

  15. the situation in my point of view is at the begining all of us must remember the more the poverty level the more people looking for salvation .you can imagen somebody that use almost 6 years in the unviversity after all his efort to manage to finish there is no job to crown his effort ,he will eventualy look for salvation somewhere ,or another person that is sick no god hospital church became general hospital ,talkless of some other petty problem all looking for miracle ,all of them must pay tigth which is equivalent to tax ,you can imagine the nurbers of people contributing this morney ,men its a lot of money so why will the not buy jet ?
    in as much as poverty and ignorant level are high the will contineu tomake their money on the expensive of ignorant citizen loking for miracle,
    some are illitrate that has no oportunity to read this article some that read are already fernatist,conclusion is either you join them or you live them to god to judge them the act will contineu
    poor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!naigerians!!!!!!

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