Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s House On The Rock Cathedral Church Building In Lekki, Lagos (Photos)

the rock cathedral lekki lagos

April 22, 2013 – Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s House On The Rock Cathedral New Church Building In Lekki, Lagos (Pictures)

Have you guys seen the interior of the newly commissioned church building of House on The Rock church located on Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos?

This beautiful state of the art, ultra modern church is a place to visit.

On Saturday, the founder of House on the rock church, Pastor Paul Adefarasin and his wife commissioned the new church called Rock Cathedral with top dignitaries in attendance.

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair and the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, American gospel singer Don Moen and many others graced the event on Saturday, the 20th of April 2013.

Rock Cathedral project formerly called Millennium temple costs close to N5 Billion to complete.

The building is very close to Liberty Hall in Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos Nigeria.

The new church has the sitting capacity of 10,000 worshippers at a time.

See more photos of the Rock Cathedral Lagos below

Plenty money dey for this country o.

57 thoughts on “Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s House On The Rock Cathedral Church Building In Lekki, Lagos (Photos)

  1. why do we have to stand on marbles to preach the gospel
    Jesus didnt ask us to do this,may God forgive much churches,so much evil on the alters

  2. Dnt mind me. I’m a cool critique. But i hope he knws dat in little or no tym frm now, all dat wud be smelted by fire and probably bcom d antichrist’s storehouse. I wonder if Jesus is smilin àbt dis white elephant project. Wel, let God take d glory-if dia’s any in it. C d hungry still de hopeless o!

    • …now fire ???? has eventually gutted the House of God in Abuja. The power of the tongue or should I say, the power of evil wishes.

  3. my God see architectural designs. My God naija get money o. But cant he donate this money to d poor, anyway we are endtime. No poor man will be allowed to enter dis church oo.

  4. Ediots. You wey be poor you no fit get your own money? Al of u are smal children.
    I will build d one of 50billion if i make money

    • dont mind them, they’ve forgoten the words of David that said i wont build to the lord what cost me nothing, na only for naija them they too complain about men of God and their churches. we Christian are just hypocrit, go to mecca and other arab countries and c the money they lavish on their mosque and places of worship, dont they have poor people there? they do. For me i cant wait to even spend trillions of naira or even dollars to my God and my place of worship… if it pains you guys. hit ur head on the rock. Our God deserves the best and the best place of worship, period.

      • marcus
        your are not well informed this places that you mentioned use the places as place of worship that yield income yearly for thier county apart from petrolem they produces pilgrimage is part their goverment income .
        which income will this church make for nigeria?it was built to exploit people
        for personal interst.
        go and learn more of what is religion and you will discurverd that churches in nigerian are ment only to make money in the name of god and jesus christ
        if you are fool pls dont fool others

    • responding to critism is a stupid act to do. i think the people complaining here are frustrated and full of confusion. you know,it is poor men that complains a lot and the bottom line is that the more you complain the poorer you become. solomon built God a temple and if you are to convert the money used to our days currency,it is more than that. anyway,i dont spend time with mediocres or babies i can only advise you to sell up all you properties and go help the poor because it is only pooooorrrr people that nag around.

  5. Not sure if Our Lord Jesus stands for this! The money should have been used either for a housing project for the masses at an affordable prices or in any capacity building excercise to help the needy thereby reducing poverty. And seeing Jonathan and his cohorts dedicating the church just made matters worse!

    These are heavy-duty corrupt politician who at an alarming rate are mikling our beloved country to complete dryness- they’ve shown no mercy at all. Yet Pst Adefarasin sees pleasure in this. I hope and pray this messages gets to him because in our eyes, this is not right. We christians have to voice out, do not be deceived anymore that because he is a pastor, the truth need not be told. HE IS HUMAN just like us. Even Apostle Paul in the bible never stop asking his fellow brethren to pray for him so that he may not stumble.

    We are spirit christians, Jesus, whom I serve would prefer to feed the needy rather than to erect this edifice. And if Jesus were to do that, He would not call the pharisees to the dedication becuse He knows they are hypocrites, filled with evil deeds.

    Jesus will cry out for a change, compassion for the needy. He will cry out for good governance, truthfulness and holiness.

    • randiant
      you are correct !!but unfortunatly this their act of exploitation will coutineu for long because of people ignorance ,our people are looking for miracle and salvation at all cost so dont expect any changes

  6. God hav mercy on our generation! Where we hav ppl in dis country who can’t afford 3square meal yet we waste billions claiming to build house for God, those countries we ar comparing Nigeria with are nt havin economic prblm like Nigeria so wy do we hav to emulate them? We hav lots of question to answer on d last day.

  7. Why do people appreciate evil works but abuse heavenly works. House on the Rock cathedral is a beautifull edifies mearnt to honour God and do the work of the Lord..Put ur treasures in the temple of the Lord and enjoy its multiplier effect in the affairs of your life ‘In Jesus name’

  8. Good day to you all. please we should appreciate the fact that the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. i discovered that most of us complain about spending too much when it has to do with the things of God. please lets stop that mentality, whatsoever we do, we are only answerable to God and not man. mind you so many individual or private houses in Nigeria cost much more than that. our God is not poor nor wretched. we can help the poor even when we build a good cathedral for God. we all have a part to play. How many poor people around you, even in your neighbourhood do you render assistance to? Even the love you show in kind, cash or words goes a long way to put a smile on somebody’s face. thank you all.

    • dear tesssy pls learn diferent btw religion and godliness ,there is a great different btw the 2 this is not godly its madness

  9. I read all the comments here and i must say i’m disapointed but not surprised…this is a clear case of when mary took her most precious ointment and used it to wash the feet of Jesus and people said it should have been sold and the money used to help the poor….same reaction, different situation…is God not worthy of a magnificent building? or has Pst Paul built this place to house himself? God you deserve much more, inhabit your house and take the glory!

  10. This is simply the doing of the Lord and we give Him all the glory. I am proud to be a member of House On The Rock. We rejoice with our father in the Lord and we pray that God will strengthen and use him the more. May God’s goodness and mercies remain with his family and the family of all God’s children. Indeed Jehovah El Shaddai is our God.

  11. M not surprised with what some pple wrote as their comments since d same happened in d days of our Lord Jesus Christ when Mary Magdalene poured an ointment on d Lord from head to toe pple made d same comment especially d traitor that d money shld be used to fend for d poor…….Jesus told them that u always have poor pple in mind buh dnt even boda about Jesus himself in ur hearts…… we dnt complain abt d amount used in building magnificent inawo halls…..buh we always flare up concerning anything that has to do with God……David said he won’t do what will cost him nothing for his God ……Pst Adefarasin u r on point..Oluwa a so agbara dotun….

  12. If we know how big and glorious our God is, we wil undastand dat our best can NEVER be equaled to his capacity. I thank God for laying this project in d hearts of men. It is a rare privilege to be used by God to do great things like this – Remember Solomon. Since eyes have nt seen nor ears heard wot God has prepared for his children, I don’t see anything wrong in putting in our best in our service to Him now. He gave u d best, pls wiaever u are, know it dat he deserves ur best. C’mmon my baba deserves much more!

    • emmy poor mentality is ignorance ,ignorant of not knowing good or bad but complain of bad gorverment bad road ,no good social ammenities am sure people like you will compalin of this but will never see anything wrong in flanboyant spending to the said!!!!!!!!!!!!house of god ,you need to learn who god is ,god is not selfishness .if you think very well its you that has extremely poor sprit

  13. ‘Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm’. It’s obvious that those who condem great things like this are physically, mentally and spiritually poor. What would you be remembered for? Hypocrite, Gossip, Condemnation or Landmark Achievement.

    • this is not achievement ,achievement is what you work for not what you exploite from people ,this money comes from which factory ?cement factory phamacitical company ?is it not from members donations ?

  14. We must worship the Almighty God in the beauty of his Holiness. So your poor mentality need to be addressed. God is a rich God and blesses those who really serve Him in spirit and in truth. He deserve the best place of worship.

    • emmy you must be one of those exploiter so you will never see anything wrong in this ,i agree to those who realy work to deserve whatever he or she does with the money but this come from exploitation of other so to me this is not blesses

  15. All of u shouting: give to the poor have actually ever done so? Dem come ur house come beg u money? Hypocrites. The church is moving forward. If u no like am, find d nearest transformer. The glory is unto d Lord. Nice 1 note

  16. If Tony Blair and acclaimed 33 degree Free Mason would come to Nigeria Purposely to dedicate a place of worship, i wonder the object of worship in that cathedral. As much as I dont want to talk about any pastor (who claim to be called of and by God). can pastor Paul Ade denounce that he is not associated with Free Mason or the Enlightened ones (illuminati).
    O God come and save Your church from decay
    From the reproach of those who have never read a verse of the Bible but can judge Kingdom Business from what they see Men do.
    Will Jesus come and die again? never!
    He will come to judge the world of sin
    Missionary are suffering on mission fields, in Nothern Nigerian, in the Arab world, America need missionary, even Britain is calling for missionaries because they lost touch of God! And a Free Mason came to Nigeria to dedicate the “House of God”
    Have Mercy O God!!!!

  17. Nothing against the “Man of God” why Tony Blair? Was Baba Adeboye not in the Nation, Did David Oyedepo Travel, Was there Air Craft to Bring Bishop TD Jakes? Can this be pride? A Show off?

  18. Thank God for His grace upon His servant Pastor Paul he is an inspiration to many. May God continue to bless and increase all members of the House on the Rock family.

    And for the ‘social critics’ out there, the Rock Cathedral is more than just a church building, there is more to it. I suggest you cheek you facts. Pastor Paul has paid his dues in the over 20 plus years in ministry.

    “In 1994, Pastor Paul Adefarasin founded the House on the Rock church, a ministry with over 40 daughter churches in Europe and Africa. He also started the Rock Foundation which collaborates with the church social and humanitarian services like rehabilitation and empowerment of ex convicts, urban miscreants, prostitutes, drug addicts etc.” Source Wikipedia

    • if his social activities is true then i will cormend him ,but he needs to show his charity work as he was showing flamboyant churches if not those that has no asset to it are free to make their personal coment because it is quit well to show that churches are ment to make money but if you make is pls return part of it to the society insted of using it to show off
      god has noting to do with flamboyant and materials thing
      god is love and peace

      • Pastor Adefarasin is not the cause of the economic problems in Nigeria. Neither did he steal the money. Members gave for it willingly. If one can build a personal house of 30million then why the noise if several people came together to build a great edifice. Abi na because e talk the real amount? If na federal govt nor be 50billion them for take build this cathedral? My guy channel your fight to those who steal billions of nations money abeg.

        • super jay you are correct but the point is that if the politician stole money and as a resolt people ran to church for salvation most the church too do the same thing?double slap ,of cause the amout of churches in nigeria shows the percentage of poverty which is so clear to me and you. what we are saying is that is the church must be salvation let it use it both morally and
          socialy just 20%of what is use to built this church is enough to build a primary school free of charge for people as a result he will be more bless and serve as an example even for the govt and to the orther churches ,the more the poverty level the more dangerous people are and mind you there is no ammount of world of god that cure hunger and poverty .example is what is happning in our society the numbers cf churches we have does not have any significant changes in our society .
          what make any society increase is their capacity to take care of their citizen ,bacisc infrastructural facilities such as light and electricity
          education and ocupied their citizen with job or whatsoever to occupied thir
          brain only world of god can not solve the problem it can only serve as relieve .pls let us get in to realities

    • you are right as you will never see any indefferent thing about the country itself if you are ok about the situation of our belove county then you are very right if not you need to think twice

  19. #Gbammmm!!!!!! Hhahahaha kilode??? Seeeeeee monnneeeeyyyyy. Abi seh if I ome the church them go give me money??? If So I gree no come every Sunday.?…… Abeg mail mr back oooo

  20. @adex….. ignorance in arguement leaves you with only foolish talk. what have you in your “deep” concern for the poor and needy done for them or country? it looks like your poverty has really eaten into ur blood thatu r not thinking properly anymore. thatmeans u can stand to God and ask him why he built the streets of heavven in gold.
    are you so backwards? for all of you who criticise the works, where else is currency supposed to be used, or do u think when u get to heaven you will build God an edifice? how come HE himself gave Solomon the dimensions and specifictions of the then temple? hve u tried quantifying that in dollars of our prresent times? then you’d know that what is spent here isnothing compared to that and guess what?????you have not seen anything yet. watch out for Gospel Pillars Ministries and you know that the glory of the latter house shall superceed that of the former.

  21. Seriously I seem not to understand what’s happening….the last time I checked…..king Solomon swam in money …even his cutleries were made of gold…and he was a man that God never stopped blessing…..he was even mentioned in the bible……and another thing he did for God was to build him a mighty house(church)…please we should all stop making destructive criticism our hobby….we should always try to look at the positive side of things… far as I am concerned,Paul adefarasin is favoured to have built this beautiful house of God…let’s find a way to please God in our own little way instead of judging or condemning people unnecessarily….remember he who judges will be judged and he who condemns will be condemned…..

  22. If you don’t know pastor Paul Adefarasin personally, its wrong for you to criticise him. Do you know how many poor and needy he has helped? Apart from helping the needy, hope you are aware he is the convener of annual “The Experience” at TBS that costs so much and no offering is being collected?

    Again, if your own personal money isn’t part of the money used to build the cathedral then why are u criticising those serving their God the best way they know?

    Only if pastor Paul has defrauded you before you can talk but if not God will judge you for blasphamy against His servants

    Lastly, are you aware some pastors are donig pastoring on per-time basis while they have their businesses they are running? And bulk of the money being spent in the church is from the pastor himself?

    Pls stop criticising ignorantly. If you don’t , more of it you will receive if you ever reach this level of success before you die


  24. Our GOD deserve the best as He is the maker and giver of all good things. Don’t discourage Men of God and watch what you say even if you are not a believer. Remember what happened to Micah the wife of King David when she despised David for dancing b4 God .How many of you query the Federal govt when they built FESTAC house and town for the whole world idols with oil money. Let us be careful if this man of God has built hotel for prostitute ,Disco house, football stadium, will your comment have been different? Pastor N people of house on the rock -God bless you and reward u in eternity in jesus name .

  25. Dear beloved of God
    Receive warm greetings from Kenya.Let me introduce to you .I am by the grace of God pastor Dennis from Kenya. I a pastor for House of Hope church. for this I request you to join hands with me so that we spread the word of God to the all nations.Be blessed as i hope and trust to hear from you.(mark;16:15)
    Yours in Christ

    Pastor Dennis

  26. What is wrong with building God an expensive house?
    Unfortunately we have a bunch of so called christians who are nothing but progenitors of Judas Iscariot.
    Reading their reactions, I couldn’t help but see how they ignorantly portray Judas Iscariot. (John 12:3-8)
    These sons of Belial
    1. Don’t read their bible
    2. Don’t pay their tithes
    3. Even if they give offerings, it’s just to ‘feel among’
    4. They have poverty mentality
    5. They are thieves who accuse others of what they are guilty of.

  27. @Joyce
    Thanks for that last line: Let them watch out for Gospel Pillars Ministry. Then these naysayers would have been poorer and saying the same thing.

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