Peace Mass Transit Bus Driver Flees After Faulty Brake Caused Crash 3 Minutes Into Journey

peace mass transit bus driver flees crash

A woman has narrated the plight of those taking public transportation in Nigeria.

Amaka Nwa took to the social media today to narrate what happened yesterday after she boarded a faulty bus belonging to Peace Mass Transport.

She said just before they took off, the passengers complained about the condition of the car but the driver assured them of safety.

Sadly 3 minutes into the journey, he crashed the car into a parked vehicle and fled the scene.

Here is how Amaka narrated her ordeal via Igboist FB group this afternoon:

“So I was in this vehicle, I survived the accident.

You see this transport company(PEACE) they play too damn much. This happened yesterday.This was three minutes into the journey, passengers complained about the bus not being sound, driver told us that the bus brake was acting funny, we complained and said it was still early and we could transload to a new bus very fast. Like play like play, driver lied that the brake was fine already.

The minute he jumped back into the road, the bus lost control and sped carelessly, it switched lanes with speed and bashed into this car.

I don’t know if its greed of not wanting to loose his money that the driver thought to manage a faulty brake for a long distance journey.

The driver even ran away.

Some persons were injured, the manager came to the scene and said no refund, he was going to bring another bus, me and some persons disagreed following the transport company again, it was until a passerby that witnessed the accident slapped him that he brought out money to refund us.

Thank God for my life, please be careful of buses these days, most of them are so unfit to mount the road..”

4 thoughts on “Peace Mass Transit Bus Driver Flees After Faulty Brake Caused Crash 3 Minutes Into Journey

  1. i thought peace mass transit was sanitized and come those touts are recruited to handle the steering..very reckless

  2. sorry about that, accident /brake failure can happen to any vehicle.
    Peace Mass Transit is one of best mass Transit in Nigeria.

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