Photo: Area Boy Who Stabbed Landlord To Death In Itire Lagos Arrested

area boy stabbed landlord death

Nov 30, 2015 – Picture: Area Boy Who Stabbed Landlord To Death In Itire Lagos Arrested

A street fight that happened around 2pm yesterday on Olorogun Street in Odo Eran area of Itire, Lagos has claimed the life of a landlord.

A hoodlum identified as 21-year-old Lati Elepo stabbed a landlord, Alawu Lateef to death while trying to settle a fight.

The deceased had earlier asked the area boys to stop causing public disturbance in the area before one of them stabbed him on the chest.

He reportedly died on the spot.

8 thoughts on “Photo: Area Boy Who Stabbed Landlord To Death In Itire Lagos Arrested

  1. That’s why even if some people want to fight & kill theirselves,I won’t stop them… This situation happened to one of my relatives a year ago.

  2. I’m Tired,if you can’t still see it,then you’re blind spiritually,morally,sociall,electronically.
    Its End Times.

    A 1000 ways to die,is everywhere.
    We need to Get closest,infact super glue jesus now,end time era started 3years ago,now its getn into maturity stage.
    No where is safe anylonger,frm brother,to lanlord kill tenant,to 70 year old man defiling a 10year old,to police man killing his wife,to buhari travlin out of country always taking pics when d economy is in crumble,to late audu dying aft election results,fuel scarcity,permanent power failure,increased rate of yahoo boiz(just like abortion),to pastors duping church members and wining and dining with ritualist politicians,unlimited bombing by boko haram,unrepentant greedy drug barons caught @MMIA ikeja,
    Its end times

    Its truly End Times.

  3. Some people will just open dat their bombom of a mouth nd shit rubbish,wat bring Nigerian parents inside d matter now?,at least try to be reasonable and specific wen u want to comment nd stop being a git!

  4. Wen a child is well brought up, he will not stab another.whatever a child eventually becomes is basically the function of the parents

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