Photo: Boy Detained By Police In Ikoyi Lagos For Faking Armed Robbery Attack

police detain boy false armed robbery attack

April 11, 2016 – Picture: Boy Detained By Police In Ikoyi Lagos For Faking Armed Robbery Attack

Police officials at the Onikan Division in Ikoyi, Lagos have arrested a 20-year old boy, Sarduna Onum who allegedly specialises in giving false information to the police in Nigeria that armed men attacked and robbed him of money and handsets.

Police alleged that the suspect have succeeded in the criminal act for about three years in Bayelsa, Rivers, Ogun and other states to deceive the police with false information which subsequently leads to arrest innocent members of the public he alleged robbed him, who though did not commit the alleged offence to compel them to refund the money and other items he alleged was robbed from him at the station.

Police alleged that nemesis caught up with the suspect when on 8 March, 2016 he went to the Onikan police Division, Ikoyi Lagos to lodge a complaint that some men robbed him of the sum of N100,000 and a Tecno handset at Ikoyi area of Lagos.

It was learnt that while the suspect was narrating his alleged false story to the police at the station, a newly transferred female police officer to the Onikan Division who in August last year investigated a similar case the boy reported at a police station in Bayelsa, raised an alarm and said the boy was a fraud, saying she had investigated a similar case for the boy in Bayelsa State and discovered that he was a liar.

Following the development, the female Divisional Police Officer in charge of Onikan Division ordered her men to arrest the suspect and investigate him.

During investigation, according to the police, the suspect allegedly confessed that he feeds on giving false information to the police.


11 thoughts on “Photo: Boy Detained By Police In Ikoyi Lagos For Faking Armed Robbery Attack

  1. My naija people, must we do anything bad all in the name of earning a living. See the kind place this boy channel his own brain. Na wa o.

  2. What !!!
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…I can’t just stop laughing oooo …
    Shai !!! in my country (Nigeria) man can do anything to survive anything at all …
    imaging a boy of 20yrs with such bad creativity…

  3. The boy does not look like he owns ten thousand Naira so how did he convince the police he has large sums like One Hundred Thousand Naira over and over again to make a living from such scam? They should make him share a cell with real armed robbers for just one hour so he learns that the real robbers don’t make refunds and wll not tolerate his “spoiling” their name. Ole!

  4. Who knows what innocent people this criminal falsely accused went through in the hands of the police. Knowing Nigeria police those innocent people might have received severe beatings in their hands and made to dish out money they did not steal or bribe the police to let them go. This idiot must be punished and sent to jail to spend some years.

  5. Okuko na-akpa be nwa dibia, o cho gini? O cho onwu. The fowl that likes searching for food around a juju man’s house, what does it want? It wants its own death.

    Smart boy! You appear to be in love with the police station. Now permit the police station to show you some love.

  6. Hahahahahha. I am a laff to this persin o. It just be like say he was throway stone for up and the stone come land for his head. Hahahah. Is fit am. Is a thing of nemesings.

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