Photo: Insane Mother Breaks Son’s Head With High Heel Shoes For Refusing To Wash Plates In Ikorodu


mother beats son with high heel

June 21, 2016 – Violent Mother Attacks Son For Refusing To Wash Plates In Ikorodu Lagos

A mentally unstable woman has sent her son fleeing for safety after she allegedly attacked him for refusing to wash plates.

The suspect currently on the run, Mojisola Jaqueen Ajenifuja allegedly used high heel shoe to inflict deep cut on her 15-year-old son’s head on Friday after he refused to wash plates at their family home in Ikorodu Lagos.

The victim Abdulgafar Ajenifuja fled home on Friday and cried to the press with the scar of his mother’s beatings all over him.

He said this is the same thing his younger ones are going through in the hands of their mother.

The suspect popular called Iya Gafar has sent her husband and relatives out of the family house because of her bizarre behaviour.

Neighbours are worried that she might end up killing all her children if they’re not rescued.

Abdulgafar is currently taking shelter at Ojogbe Welfare centre in Ikorodu