Photo: Nigerian Man Beheaded In Saudi Arabia For Killing A Policeman

May 30, 2016 – Picture: Saudi Based Nigerian Man Executed For Beating A Policeman To Death.

A Saudi-based Naija business man has been beheaded for allegedly killing a policeman on duty.

The Nigerian citizen identified as Fahd Houssawi was executed yesterday by Saudi authorities in Taif city after he was found guilty of beating a policeman to death.

Houssawi’s death is Saudi’s 95th execution of 2016.

Fahd Houssawi: Does that sound like a Nigerian name?  #how Naija con dey suffer like this

11 thoughts on “Photo: Nigerian Man Beheaded In Saudi Arabia For Killing A Policeman

  1. Its only in Nigeria that “SHIT“ is tolerated. In other parts of the World, there‘s a strict penalty for every offence committed.

    Now, who‘s gono take over his business that he has so much labour to build?

    Again I am sure I have never came across any Nigerian name like Fahd Houssawi.
    Hmmm, STRANGE.

    I take a stroll…

  2. Dat name truely does not sound like a naija name…
    It seems death means nothing to dis country pple call saudi arabia…
    There rate of execution z becoming too much..haba!

  3. That is the law here in Saudi Arabia…They don’t take shit and it pays them off, you can argue with yourself.
    That man is a Nigerian…He is an Hausa man, that is how Hausa born here spell their names. Also they use Hausa/Housawi as their Surname most time.

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